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How Suffolk Students Define Fall Fashion

A Suffolk student shows off her fall fit

Fall has two meanings for Suffolk University students — the start of a new semester, and new fashion trends. As the temperature drops and the leaves on the trees change colors, Boston residents are quickly starting to show the meaning behind fall fashion and all of the unique ways to style statement pieces. 

TikTok and Pinterest are some of the main platforms behind fashion inspiration, and the fall is no exception. Layering clothes, oversized clothing, combat boots and straight-leg jeans are some of the trends that both social media platforms have brought to life on Suffolk’s campus. 

Check out the latest trends around campus and the city, and the newest clothing you need in your fall closet.

Layering Clothes 

Layering clothing has always been a genius way to be both fashionable and warm. It started around the 80s, and actresses like Danielle Fishel and Brooke Shields pushed to further this trend by wearing t-shirts under their dresses. 

Here in New England, Suffolk students have become experts at remaining stylish while battling the chill weather.

“I love layering and cozy sweaters are one of my favorite staple pieces for fall,” Suffolk freshman Myra Page said. 

At Suffolk, layering consists of basics like turtlenecks, long sleeves or button-ups that rest under pieces like oversized sweaters or knitted vests. However, layering does not stop there. Tights under mini and midi skirts or an oversized blouse over a crop top are some trendy ways to add layering to a fall fashion closet. 

For students like freshman Gia Garcia, layering can inspire a creative use of accessories.

“Layering sweaters and fall weather gives me the inspiration to dress more cozy and wear a lot more jewelry,” said Garcia.

Oversized Clothes 

Oversized clothing, whether it’s used to stay comfortable for 8 a.m classes or simply because  the Adam Sandler-inspired look is all the rage, is an amazing fall fashion trend worn by many Boston residents. 

Oversized sweaters, t-shirts, hoodies and blazers can be styled to fit both relaxed and street-style trends. Fashion icons Hailey Bieber and Princess Diana are great examples of dressing oversized, yet looking chic at the same time. A large crew neck paired with a black mini skirt and a pair of Dr. Martens boots are one example of the ultimate fall fashion outfit. 

Combat Boots

Combat boots are the ultimate fall shoe necessity. A company like Dr. Martens is a great place to start because they offer such a diverse selection of shoes, including a variety of chunky boots, low platform shoes and loafers that give consumers endless possibilities for their fall outfit styles. 

Boston residents are most commonly seen styling both lace up boots and platform casual boots with a variety of fall looks, from skirts to jeans. However, such shoes are capable of being styled with many clothing statements as the seasons change. 

“In terms of fall fashion, I love chunky boots and layering midi and mini skirts,” sophomore Emily Rodriguez said.

Not only are they fashionable, but combat boots are also an amazing versatile seasonal shoe because they can be worn throughout fall and winter. College students on a budget might be happy to hear that since it can keep the shoe packing to a minimum. 

Straight-Leg Jeans

Levi’s vintage straight-leg jeans, including 501s and 505s, have absolutely taken over the Boston fashion scene. In the 90s, Levis was both a reliable resource company for the climate and a go-to denim store for anybody looking to be comfortable and stylish.

Today, Levi’s is still an amazing go-to denim store as the 90s fashion trends continue to creep back in style. In fact, many famous icons like Zendaya, Gigi Hadid and Maude Apatow are seen wearing straight-leg jeans today. 

These closet staple jeans can be seen styled with an oversized shirt, a pair of sneakers and a blazer. Since denim never goes out of style, straight-leg jeans are an amazing fall fashion piece to add to your closet.

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How Suffolk Students Define Fall Fashion