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Think of those who have been forgotten during this pandemic

Mol Webber
March 19, 2020

COVID-19 had less of an impact on the Suffolk community two weeks ago. At that point, only international spring break trips were canceled and just those studying abroad in China and Italy were asked to return home. The dining halls were open and students were studying for midterms while turning in their last-minute assignments. The student body was about to leave campus for spring break with the...

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It’s time to tackle the coronavirus (and no, it’s not like the flu)

Hunter Berube
March 12, 2020

“It’s not even as deadly as the flu!” If I have to hear one more person recite a fact they heard from a headline they read or a sentence they zoned in on while listening to the radio, I’m gonna have to crack a corona open- but wash my hands first, of course.  These seemingly solid facts seem to make people think the virus – which started back in January and has now spread to every...

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What’s next for Democrats after Super Tuesday?

Oscar Torres, Staff Writer
March 5, 2020

One thousand nine hundred ninety one is the magic number of delegates to win the Democratic presidential nomination. After Super Tuesday, it is clear who the two front runners are.  Democrats showed up at the polls for Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden this Super Tuesday and it is relatively close. Now the question is, should either one suspend their campaign? Will their supporters rally together to...

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