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Part of the stellar cast of Carlos López Estrada's

‘Summertime’ radiates young talent in a vibrant Los Angeles

Sarah Lukowski, Arts Editor July 18, 2021

“Summertime” brings in the heat with its upbeat scenes, lively slam poetry and striking shots of everyday life in the City of Angels. This film, directed by Carlos López Estrada, is an unconventional...

The 1997 teen slasher film

These movies have the most ridiculous titles of all time

Imani Hill, Graduate Contributor July 15, 2021

Sometimes films draw people in with trailers, teasers or posters without giving away too much of the plot. While some film titles are timelessly iconic, like “Gone with the Wind,” or are simple words...

Riley Keough and Taylour Paige star in stripper saga

Zola: Crude, wild and nasty, but I liked it

Imani Hill, Graduate Contributor July 8, 2021

Strange and wild things come once in a full moon. Or, sometimes come in like the wind. The movie (or documentary, if that is what it is) “Zola” is one of those topics – or in this case, a tweet....

Roxbury Film Festival: The film festival for the culture

Imani Hill, Graduate Contributor June 30, 2021

With the 23rd Roxbury International Film Festival drawn to a close, it is safe to say it was full of incredible films by Black filmmakers who came together virtually and in person. They featured artists,...

James Hemings is known as the America's culinary founding father.

Roxbury Film Festival: Documentary shows how James Hemings influenced American cuisine

Imani Hill, Graduate Contributor June 22, 2021

There are some historical culinary arts icons that have changed the way food is made and looked upon, and James Hemings is one of these people. Hemings was an enslaved man owned by President Thomas...

Visual artist, Fab 5 Freddy, shows off the Procession of the Magi fresco by Gozzoli.

Roxbury Film Festival: See Italian art though the eyes of Fab 5 Freddy

Imani Hill, Graduate Contributor June 22, 2021

Hip-hop and Italian art? Picasso and rap? The famed Fab 5 Freddy talking about Italian Renaissance art from the 15th and 16th centuries? These topics may sound foolish or crazy for a movie, but it was...

Roxbury Film Festival kicks off this week with in-person screenings

Imani Hill, Graduate Contributor June 14, 2021

The 23rd Roxbury International Film Festival is right around the corner, and it will be packed with some great filmmaking from Black directors, storytellers and musicians, along with a magnificent list...

Five essential LGBTQ+ documentaries you need to watch for Pride Month

Imani Hill , Graduate Contributor June 10, 2021

June is known to many as the start of the baseball season, wedding season, graduation season and other summer events. But to me, it’s only known for one great reason: pride month!   A great way to...

IFFBoston: Student filmmaker drew inspiration from China trip

Imani Hill, Journal Contributor May 24, 2021

With the Boston Independent Film Festival finished, I’ve seen some great directors of films that have a lot to offer in the movie business. From action to comedies, documentaries and short stories,...

The cast of Danish film

IFFBoston: Mikkelsen is mad for revenge in ‘Riders of Justice’

Imani Hill, Graduate Contributor May 24, 2021

“Riders of Justice,” a Danish film directed by Anders Thomas Jensen, is an action-packed dark comedy that didn’t waste any time creating kind messages amongst violence. This movie is a story about...

IFFBoston: ‘The Sparks Brothers’ is a salute to the iconic pop-rock duo

Imani Hill, Graduate Contributor May 19, 2021

With 25 albums, 50 years in the music business and 345 songs together Sparks is the rock duo that few people have heard of but thousands of musicians and artists have been inspired by. When I went to...

Anna Cobb plays  teenager Casey, who becomes immersed in an online role-playing horror game.

IFFBoston: ‘We’re All Going to the World’s Fair’ is a disappointing horror film

Imani Hill, Graduate Contributor May 11, 2021

“We’re All Going to the World’s Fair,” directed by Jane Schoenbrun, is not the best film being shown at this year's Independent Film Festival of Boston. This so-called sci-fi horror film tried...

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