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Andrea Gibson brings stories about love to Boston during spoken poetry show

The writer speaking on stage at City Winery on Feb. 10

Morgan Hume

February 19, 2020

Meeting a girlfriend’s parents for the first time, suffering from an unknown but debilitatingly painful illness and buying a toy snake at a church yard sale to use as a makeshift dildo were all personal anecdotes spoken poet Andrea Gibson was willing to share on stage. Gibson performed at City Winery on Feb...

Venture blends poetry, prose and song to charm audience at open mic night

Venture blends poetry, prose and song to charm audience at open mic night

Madison Suseland

February 19, 2020

On Feb. 13, Venture literary magazine hosted an open mic night to allow aspiring creative minds to share their work with the Suffolk community. The event was held in the Poetry Center in 73 Tremont and was attended by an intimate but active audience, many of whom participated in the evening’s entertainment...

Salamander magazine slithers into another edition

Salamander magazine slithers into another edition

Abby O'Connor

February 5, 2020

When most people see the word salamander, they typically think of a lizard. What most people may not know is that these creatures are impenetrable to fire, tough and regenerative beings, which are the qualities that Suffolk’s literary magazine Salamander was founded upon. Salamander is a literary organization esta...

No ordinary author: Jaquira Díaz visits Suffolk to discuss childhood upbringing and new memoir

No ordinary author: Jaquira Díaz visits Suffolk to discuss childhood upbringing and new memoir

Morgan Hume

January 29, 2020

Jaquira Díaz has not had it easy. She lived in poverty, dropped out of high school and was raised by a parent that suffered from schizophrenia. Yet somehow, not only did Díaz survive it all, but she managed to put it down on paper in a stream of poetic words. The author came to Suffolk University on J...

Discussion of André Aciman’s thrilling new novel: ‘Find Me’

Author Aciman is well known for his novel 'Call Me By Your Name'

Gabrielle Delgado

November 20, 2019

André Aciman spoke about his inspirations for writing, the vibrancy of setting and spontaneity during the discussion of his new novel “Find Me” at the Boston Public Library (BPL) on Sunday Nov. 10, with the Executive Arts Editor WGBH, Jared Bowen. Following his New York Times bestselling novel...

English professor discusses different versions of truth in literature

Professor Frangipane speaks to students about emotional truths in literature

Madison Suseland

November 20, 2019

On Tuesday, Nov. 12, English Professor Nicholas Frangipane hosted a talk to discuss his recently released book, “Multiple Narratives, Versions, and Truth in the Contemporary Novel.” Frangipane just entered his third year as a faculty member in Suffolk’s English department and was asked by the d...

Writers brings classic literature to life in poetry reading

Poets Michael Longley and David Ferry inside the Poetry Center on Oct. 10 reading excerpts of famous literature to the audience

Catarina Protano

October 16, 2019

Two highly respected poets, Michael Longley and Suffolk University Resident Professor David Ferry made an appearance to give voice to their highly respected lyrical poems, translate the texts of ancient epics and discuss the immense value that simple lines can have in poetry. Longley, from Belfast, Ireland, made a r...

Suffolk alum discusses turning grief into literature to communications students

Ballo reading an excerpt from his first book “Life Without Lisa”

Morgan Hume

October 2, 2019

When Richard Ballo’s wife lost her battle to cancer in 1993, the heartbroken widower was unsure how to handle the devastating loss, until he reached for a notebook and began jotting his grief down on paper. The author and Suffolk alum came to the university on Thursday afternoon to speak to students...

Spoken poet ‘FreeQuency’ shares poems on Black identity

Spoken poet ‘FreeQuency’ shares poems on Black identity

Morgan Hume

February 27, 2019

In celebration of Black History Month, Program Council (PC), Black Student Union (BSU) and the Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion brought spoken poet and Kenyan immigrant Mwende “FreeQuency” Katwiwa to campus for a performance on Feb. 20. Last year, FreeQuency, who identifies as they/them,...

Leigh Bardugo brings new novel “King of Scars” to Brookline Booksmith

Sarah Turley

February 8, 2019

New York Times Bestselling author Leigh Bardugo visited Boston on Jan. 30 as her sought after book tour reached the Brookline Booksmith. Approximately three hundred people crowded the two floors of the shop to snag the newly released novel, ask the author questions, and seize the opportunity to have t...

Native American Gyasi Ross promotes activism with poetry

Shayla Manning

November 7, 2018

Students of all backgrounds were drawn together to kick off the start of Native American Heritage Month with “Activism Through Spoken Word” on Thursday at an event held by The Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion. The event featured speaker Gyasi Ross, who is a member of the Blackfeet Nation,...

MFA Exhibit Allows Spectators To Relive Childhood Classic ‘Winnie-the-Pooh’

Author A.A. Milne posing with his son Christopher Robin Milne as Christopher holds his teddy bear in 1926.

Harper Wayne

October 24, 2018

“Winnie-the-Pooh: Exploring a Classic,” the newest installation at the Museum of Fine Arts, transports visitors into the world of the famous children’s book. Spectators can feel “Winnie-the-Pooh” books come to life on the walls of the exhibit, instilling a feeling of being at home as a child wai...

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