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A dream come true, Soulfully Versed debut

Courtesy of Soulfully Versed

Juliana Tuozzola

March 27, 2018

Suffolk University’s Soulfully Versed, one of two A cappella groups on campus, prides itself upon both diversity and unity. This group represents 14 different and uniquely talented students, but when their individual passions and voices come together, there is no question that Soulfully Versed embodi...

Spotlight series tackles anxiety in latest performance of “The Swimmer”

Felicity Otterbein

March 18, 2018

Art imitating life is perhaps one of the oldest techniques when approaching discussing the mounting magnitudes of depression, loss and grief. The power of theater and visual art presents the ability to see emotion take place, and process it immediately - allowing for a potential empathetic or sympath...

Congress comes to campus

Courtesy of Suffolk University

Maggie Randall

February 28, 2018

Former congressmen came to the university to have in-depth conversations with students on policy issues that related to gerrymandering, veterans and the Trump administration.

Importance of Inclusivity: QSU promotes diversity on campus

Shown above are symbols of gender identity. While the list is extensive, it’s important to recognize every and all identities in today’s growing climate. Left to right: transgender, female, male, intersex, with a plus sign to recognize all other gender identities.

Felicity Otterbein

February 21, 2018

Perhaps one of the more active and engaged groups on campus, the Queer Student Union (QSU) has set out to advocate for the well-being and inclusivity of students campus-wide. According to QSU President Joe Piemonte, the group was started more than 10 years ago as the Rainbow Alliance, but has been more...

Spring Showcase 2018: an existential crisis, celebrating women

Felicity Otterbein / Arts Editor

Felicity Otterbein

February 7, 2018

Within the theater community lies an undeniable thirst to create and suspend reality, if only for the briefest of moments. A hunger to create passionate, personable and personal content is always on the rise. At Suffolk University, this trend remains amongst its gifted theater student writers, directors and...

“3Sisters” pushes vitality; explores complexities of life and loss

Haley Clegg / Photo Editor

Felicity Otterbein

November 28, 2017

Vitality. Energy. Compassion. Talent. Commitment. These are the words Doctor Marilyn Plotkins used to address the cast and crew of Suffolk University’s most recent production, “3Sisters,” when huddled around her after the curtain dropped on the shows opening night on Thursday Nov. 16. The...

Suffolk Spotlight Series comes “ALIVE” in latest installment

Michael MacRae

November 14, 2017

The latest installment of the Suffolk University Theatre Department’s Spotlight Series opened its doors for a one-night-only nightclub experience this past Friday. ALIVE 2017 is written and directed by senior theatre major Jake Mariño. ALIVE had a fantastic, energized cast of theatre majors: sophomor...

Stage Raider

Kyle Crozier/ Senior Staff Writer

Kyle Crozier

October 4, 2017

Filled with nostalgia, action and humor, junior theatre major Justin Smith brings Lara Croft to life in an original production inspired by the critically acclaimed video game series, “Tomb Raider,” in the latest installment of the Suffolk University Spotlight Series, “A Fish Without a Bicycle.”...

Student safety abroad should raise concerns

Patrick Holmes/Opinion Editor

Patrick Holmes

September 20, 2017

It’s time to start rethinking how we view Europe as a trendy travel destination. Due to the many terrorist attacks and acts of terror, it’s imperative to be wary when planning vacations, especially for students studying abroad. On Sunday, four Boston College students were subject to hydrochloric ac...

Rams rally through season

Courtesy of Suffolk Athletics

Hannah Arroyo

April 19, 2017

The Rams are more than halfway into their season and they have been taking care of business so far. Suffolk University’s baseball team fell short in just two of their last 13 games to Eastern Connecticut State University and Western New England University. On March 29, the team had a 7-5 win agai...

Maintenance struggles to keep up

Kyle Crozier

April 12, 2017

Many students living on campus come to a university with the idea of creating roots and developing a home away from home. While dorm living for many is an opportunity to experience a type of independence most people have dreamed of for years, in order to develop that personal connection with new coll...

Who then am I?

Felicity Otterbein / Arts Editor

Felicity Otterbein

April 12, 2017

For more photos from "Orlando," visit Uncovered with Flash.   Organized chaos. Perhaps one of the more ironically used oxymorons in the english language, is widely used to describe cluttered bedrooms or office desks for those who thrive off of instability. From a place of dismantled common ...

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