despite speculation, Derne St. to stay

Speculating rumors that Derne Street Deli, located in the heart of Suffolk’s campus may possibly be closing its doors have recently been circulating around the university. After 26 years in business, owner Nick Papadopoulous has considered selling his historic business location to a fellow competitor.

“We have been here since March of 1986, we have been here 26 years,” said Papadopoulous. “When I first opened, I liked the location. I had just gotten a diploma at that time. I liked cooking, was working at a restaurant, and I had to pay my bills. I thought I would do well in this location.”
The family owned deli serves food not only to members of the Suffolk and State House communities on a daily basis, but also Beacon Hill residents that often look forward to an affordable meal on their way home. Papadopoulous, along with a few other part-time employees, has become familiar and friendly with the frequent visitors to the deli.
“Being here 26 years—that’s a long time, before the law school moved to Tremont Street, I used to know about 90 percent of the Law School,” said Papadopoulous. “Professors and students, after being here so long, people like the quality, and they come back.”
Papadopoulous was also the head coach of Suffolk University’s soccer program for nine years, dating from 1999-2008.
The Thinking Cup, located just past Lowes Theatre on Tremont Street, had been looking to purchase the famed location at the corners of Derne and Temple Streets but now, after a significant amount of time has passed, owner Nick Papadopoulous has decided to keep the doors to his famed deli open until a new opportunity comes along.
“I just want to thank the Suffolk community for their business for these years. I’ve appreciated all their events and all their donations. They have been good to us,” said Papadopoulous. “I feel like a part of the Suffolk community. you see students as freshman, then they graduate to become lawyers and see them when they come back 10 years later, it’s a wonderful thing.”

Papadopoulous said that well known politicians like Mitt Romney have stopped by in the past.
“Scott Brown used to and still does come by, so did Lieutenant Governor Swift,” he said. “I used to have a hockey friend that graduated from Suffolk and he would bring a few hockey players to eat.”
Papadopoulous has seen many faces enter the deli as the years have passed, some famous and others quite infamous, treating all the customers with the exact same friendly hospitality.
“An older guy, ‘Pops’, who used to live on the streets would always stop by asking for something to do. I would always give him food and we became very friendly. Around the winter season, I asked what he was doing for the holidays. He mentioned he wanted to visit his sister in Alabama,” said Papadopoulous. After sharing the story with Suffolk University security, he then asked if ‘Pops’ could shower and shave in a Suffolk building. “After putting him in a suit and sending him to the South, I received a call from his sister days later, crying on the phone.” Papadopoulous had received the unfortunate news that ‘Pops’ had passed away.
Still, Derne Street Deli sees its fair share of characters daily—something that won’t be ending anytime soon.
“I had someone interested in buying, he kept coming and attempting to do business,” said Papadopoulous. But after 26 years he has decided to pass on the offer and stay a part of the Suffolk community