Dry weather expected for the remainder of the week

The rainy and cold start to our week has come to an end, and we’re drying out for the rest of this week. 

Wednesday is off to a cool gusty start, but as the day progresses the temperatures will gradually warm to a high near 57. Gusts could get as high as 28 mph, so hold onto your hats while walking up Beacon Street.

Wednesday night temperatures may dip into the upper 30s, and clouds will begin to roll in after midnight.

More clouds will move in from the night before, making for a cloudy Thursday. Temperatures will continue to make their way up the thermostat, possibly breaching the 60s.

Thursday night temperatures will dip into the upper 40s making for a particularly warm night.

If you are looking to make any outdoor plans for this week, Friday is the day to do it. Clouds will clear, making for lots of sunshine, and temperatures will reach into the upper 60s —– the warmest it will be all week.

Temperatures will remain in the 50s for most of the weekend, and both days are forecasted to be dry.

Rain may make its return for later parts of the week. 

The start of the week was quite turbulent in terms of precipitation; Sunday going into Tuesday we saw various kinds of precipitation falling. 

We saw an interesting weather phenomenon known as “graupel” last Sunday. Graupel is small snow pellets that can commonly be mistaken for hail with the way it falls from the sky. If you happened to walk outside that morning you may have been surprised by how soft the falling precipitation was.

Graupel can be seen when temperatures are below freezing at higher temperatures, and there is an unstable lower atmosphere with warmer temperatures, according to Accuweather.

There were scattered showers for Marathon Monday, with the rain intensifying Monday night dropping a little less than an inch of rain.The extent of Friday’s warm-up is up for debate: WCVB reported a high temperature of 69 degrees, while NBC10 predicts 65, and the National Weather Service 66.