Thanksgiving dinner extends to several nationalities


Photo by Jason Kenosky

Jason Kenosky

Journal Staff

Program Council, in conjuncture with the International Student Association, held the 3rd annual International Thanksgiving Dinner on November 22 in the Donahue Café.  The event provided a communal experience to Suffolk students whose roots hail from other countries.  The event was open to all Suffolk students.

“I am from the Ukraine,” said Suffolk junior Katie Petrenko. “All of my friends [at Suffolk] are going home for Thanksgiving. It was nice to come here so we can have our Thanksgiving, too.”

The event also raised money for the S.O.U.L.S. food bank.  The suggested $1 donation generated $160 that was gifted to the St. Francis House and the Oasis House.  Two dozen cans of non-perishable food items were collected in lieu of a monetary donation.

“It’s nice to see so many students here tonight,” said Suffolk junior Bob Carter. “Feeding ourselves for a dollar is nice, but it is also a good feeling that those dollars are going to help feed others, too.”

The tables that normally sit pitter-patter across the Donahue Café were aligned in rows and topped with white table clothes.  Music provided by Suffolk Free Radio piped in through the speakers.

“It’s not exactly formal,” continued Carter, “but it is a nice touch to the evening.”

Attendance for the evening reached 130 students.  There were also a few members of the faculty mixed in as well.

The traditional Thanksgiving meal of turkey, sweet potatoes and green beans, among other things, was provided by Sodexo.  A desert of pumpkin or apple pie was also offered.

Catering to the herbivore crowd, a vegetarian entrée was provided as an alternative to the turkey.

Suffolk freshman An Chen said, “I like the food.  It’s different than the normal American food.  I usually do not see sweet potatoes, they’re good.”