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Editor’s word: Orientation 2016

Alexa Gagosz

June 1, 2016

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On behalf of The Suffolk Journal, we are very pleased to welcome in an incoming class. In a time when representing and advocating for student voice could not be more important, we’ve had the distinguished pleasure of being at the forefront of Suffolk University affairs for nearly 77 years.  As we embark...

Editor’s word: Nov. 18, 2015

November 18, 2015

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After recent terror attacks in Paris and Lebanon, it is a scary realization that we may not be as safe as we think. After the 9/11 attacks, the United States strengthened its national security and questioned who we were letting into our borders. Today, France may be experiencing the same realizations....

Editor’s word: Oct. 28, 2015

October 28, 2015

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Every Halloween, complaints over outrageous costumes are almost as much of a tradition as the holiday itself. While most people who put on a costume for the night want to have fun and look silly, others use the holiday as an opportunity to degrade others. Consider the “Call Me Caitlyn” outfit...

Editor’s word: Oct. 22, 2015

October 22, 2015

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On Friday and Saturday, Suffolk will welcome students and families to explore the Suffolk campus and give back to the school during Family Weekend. From bidding in silent auctions to learning about graduate programs, the schedule offers families and friends many opportunities to get engage with students,...

Editor’s word: Oct. 7, 2015

October 7, 2015

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During the daytime, students are used to walking into Suffolk’s buildings and seeing a campus police officer or security guard keeping watch from the lobby. But what happens when the students leave for the day, and the city gets dark? Suffolk’s police keep watch over the dormitories every minute...

Editor’s word: How can Suffolk stop students from transferring?

October 2, 2015

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Over the course of the last year, Suffolk has made outstanding strides to streamline major aspects of the university. The obvious move away from Beacon Hill, the addition of the new athletic fields in East Boston and the seemingly endless discussions about what will happen next initially come to mind. With...

Editor’s word: Survey reveals graduates financial outlook

September 24, 2015

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As students, we enter college to ultimately build a foundation for our lives as distinguished members of society when we graduate. Whether it’s taking classes that aid in our pursuit of landing a future job at a company that aligns with our particular skill sets or simply learning for the sake of learning,...

Editor’s word: Welcome to Suffolk class of 2019

June 7, 2015

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Welcome to campus, Suffolk University class of 2019! After years of diligent academic work, balanced with a slew of extracurriculars and college applications, you have arrived at one of the most vibrant universities in Boston. Four of the most exciting years of your life are finally beginning, so...

Editor’s word: Adjunct professors deserve a better contract

April 22, 2015

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Adjunct professors are preparing to terminate their contract and work with the university to create a new one. This process can take months and can be difficult for the professors. They rely on contracts with the university for pay and health benefits, but often, the pay is not great, benefits are...

Editor’s word: Maria Toyoda is the new dean of the CAS

April 15, 2015

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It’s a good week for women’s rights and equality at Suffolk University. Officials finally announced who will take over for Kenneth Greenberg as dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Long awaited by staff and students, the Board of Trustees at their April 10 meeting approved the appointment...

Editor’s word: Rolling Stone

April 8, 2015

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Rolling Stone this week apologized for and redacted a November story titled, “A Rape on Campus,” which told the horrific story of a University of Virginia student who was raped at a fraternity. A review from the Columbia School of Journalism found that Rolling Stone did not use basic fact-checking...

Editor’s word: Community needs more accessibility to presidential search

April 1, 2015

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The Chairman of the Board of Trustees has said multiple times that he hopes the Suffolk community will be involved in the search for the president to succeed Norman Smith. It’s encouraging to hear that the Board believes the opinions of students and faculty are important to this search. But the...

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