Editor’s Word: America has thrown away lives over country’s religious devotion to firearms

Enough is enough, America.

This week, 26 more innocent lives were ended without reason or purpose at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. A shooter walked into the religious sanctuary during Sunday service and filled the air with the hot deadly venom of a country filled with hate that no longer seems to seems to be able, or willing, to protect its own people. Who the shooter was is not important, but that is not the message given by the mainstream media.

After a massacre like this, we are flooded with intricate details about the murderous maniac’s life, as if the answer somehow can be found in his past. It doesn’t. There are a countless number of mentally afflicted people who could have taken the shooter’s place. What does matter is what our country failed to do. America failed to protect the Holcombe family; nine members of the family were torn apart by the shooter’s assault rifle, including an unborn child. America failed to protect Joann Ward and her two young daughters, who saw the last seconds of their life pass in front of a gun barrel in a church pew.

America has thrown away the lives of so many over it’s religious devotion to firearms and there is no end in sight. The gun discussion is pointless in a country that has proven time and time again that it will senselessly kill until the masses are numb, which they may be by now. Every single bullet that cut through the air in First Baptist Church was the responsibility of our lawmakers. Parts of the general public are so twisted with hate that rights have to be taken away. If not, we will continue to see our fathers, mothers, wives, daughters, grandmothers and friends parish because of America’s lust for weapons of war. They have no place in our homes or our stores because American society is so sick that it will kill at the slightest provocation.

To those who scream protection for their guns until their lungs are raw, wait until it’s your family that taken by a deranged gun owner. Then, maybe, the arsenal that could outfit an army in your gun safe would seem a bit like overkill.