Editor’s Word: University makes moves without communication

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Suffolk University, an institution that has so-called “championed” at communications, has failed to inform their students on moves that upper administration makes– once again.

Just after 2 a.m. on Wednesday morning, the Boston Herald broke a story that Suffolk has filed plans with the Boston Planning & Development Agency to lease a 180-unit apartment building at 1047 Commonwealth Ave. in Brighton, which is currently being leased by Boston University.

While a tabloid in Boston picked up this story early Wednesday morning, students and staff will wake up with a blind eye to yet another decision that the university made with little correspondence with its students.

The proposal is a “short-term, stopgap measure” in order to fix this demand for student housing, according to the Herald’s article.

The Journal had ran an article weeks ago and introduced the topic that administration was looking into more student housing. However, there were no definitives. Without even an email sent to the community or story on Suffolk’s homepage on the university’s move, our administration instead turned to a tabloid.

We, The Journal, are disappointed.

As corporations across the nation make closed-door agreements with little spilling to the media, we, the student body, expect more communications from our university.

The university’s reputation on disorder will continue with negligent moves like this one.

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