Editor’s Word: The end of the road

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The spring semester of college always tastes bittersweet. In a few short months the long days and longer nights spent working on class projects, studying for exams, or publishing a newspaper come to an end. A glimpse at rest is usually in order, a view that is never taken for granted. But it’s hard to watch as some of the people you are closest to walk across the stage and into the real world. Just last year The Journal watched some of our finest take that walk. And although it seemed endlessly far off into the future, at the conclusion of this semester, a majority of our Journal family will also be taking that next step. We’ll be leaving this paper, this school and perhaps this city. Who knows where we’ll end up, or who will fill our shoes- but one thing is for certain. As graduation approaches, and it truly is closer than it seems for those who are in the home stretch, it’s groups like The Journal that will never escape our minds. With soulful and spontaneous people actively pushing the envelope and trying to be the next movers and shakers of this world, how could any of us forget each other? Quite frankly, the relationships this small group has formed are everlasting and there’s something to be proud of in finding people who reflect your own image and know you inside and out.

In a few months from now, when those of us who are graduating look back at our time spent here; the good will outweigh the bad memories, the grueling nights will fade away and the ink will never dry.

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