Editor’s Word: To have to now utilize a single channel is not only a hindrance, it’s an insult

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We are the media and we’re not just here to get a story. We’re here to tell people’s stories. Nowadays, the media has been painted as bloodsucking leeches out to get a paycheck only to use and abuse and move onto the next warm body.

We’re here to say — that’s not the case. As aspiring future journalists, we’re working hard to develop not only our reading and writing abilities, but our opportunities to be compassionate and understanding human beings. We’re here to tell your story, not sell your story.

This behavior is currently unobtainable when we face obstacles put in place by university officials that hinder these attempts at practicing necessary future skills. It’s disheartening when we attempt to feature student work, groups and voices to only be immediately silenced by those who are supposed to pushing us forward. The ones that we are supposed to be looking up to and leaning on for advice have become the ones who are now holding us back and prohibiting us from excelling.  While our experience may be limited, we get stronger with practice. In turn, we are exposed to multiple channels of communication and conducting intelligent conversations with field experts. To have to now utilize a single channel is not only a hindrance, it’s an insult.

We take our duty seriously. So please, allow us to do our job in its entirety here, for you, so we can do it well when we leave.

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