Editor’s Word: Have courage, break the culture

It has come to the attention of our team of student journalists that our University has a serious problem. Throughout the years, few staff members have been rumored to have engaged in inappropriate relationships with students, while others have been caught in the act. These staff members, namely men, have used their positions in power to coax students. This is a culture long developing in Suffolk and that is unacceptable. These power dynamics are often unclear to the student, leading them to believe that what they are engaging in is active consent. That is not the case. For the person in a position of power, the sexual relationship is less about the sexual desires and more about the need to dominate and control.


What is worse than this sexual culture between staff and students, is the fact that students who do recognize that they have been violated, cannot speak of their story. This is due to the stigma that dictates they are not victims of sexual harassment or assault, that they have consented to the relationship where both parties were on equal footing. This stigma develops from interpersonal opinions and the policies that prevent administration, staff and students from speaking of the matter.


There are those who wish to speak, but have yet to gather the courage to tell their story. So as storytellers ourselves, we implore you to reach out to one another, and encourage one another to be brave. Tell your story.


Tell your #metoo moment.