Osama bin Laden killed, Obama confirms news to nation

President Obama announced to the country late Sunday night that leader of Al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, who organized the Sept. 11 attacks, has been killed in a firefight in Pakistan. This operation ended a 10-year manhunt for Bin Laden, who had become one of the most wanted fugitives in the world. Obama has addressed the public and has confirmed that the U.S. has possession of bin Laden’s body.

After ten years of evading the militaries of multiple countries, bin Laden’s manhunt finally has ended. There was a “targeted assault” ordered Sunday in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad where it had been established by intelligence that bin Laden was living, according to the president’s statement to the nation and reports by the New York Times.

The news of bin Laden’s death has sparked something electrifying throughout the country as people mass outside the White House in celebration.

According to the New York Times, bin Laden has “…issued some 30 messages, in audio, video or electronic text, sometimes taunting, sometimes gloating, sometimes urging new terrorist attacks. Intelligence officials believe the messages were passed from hand to hand repeatedly to obscure any trail back to his hiding place.” The article continued, “Even while in hiding, he remained a potent symbolic figure. And American officials believe, based on intercepted communications from second- and third-tier Qaeda operatives, that he also still helped shape Al Qaeda’s strategy.”

“His demise should be welcomed by all who believe in peace and human dignity,” Obama said as he announced bin Laden’s death. “Justice has been done.”