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How Suffolk students are getting scary this Halloween

Abby O’Connor

The temperature is starting to drop, the leaves are starting to change color and fall on the Boston Common and grocery stores have started selling pumpkins, marking the beginning of Halloween festivities for Suffolk University students. 

The spooky season is the perfect time to get together with friends and dress up in fun costumes. Freshman Courtney Ostrander is one of several students looking forward to some Halloween fun. 

Ostrander said she attended Suffolk’s Halloween Bash, as made plans to hang out with friends and watch scary movies to get in the holiday mood. 

Ostrander recommended that other students watch some of her favorites, which included ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show,’ ‘The Shining,’ ‘Sleepaway Camp,’ ‘Friday The 13th,’ ‘It Follows,’ ‘Spree,’ ‘Misery’ and the fitting classic, ‘Halloween.’

Ostrander suggested other students participate in university-sponsored Halloween events.

“[Events include] The Halloween Bash and some screenings of Halloween films, and for general events the Art Club is doing shoelace beading and the murder mystery dinner is coming up soon too,” said Ostrander.

In regards to Halloween costumes, Ostrander said she’s excited to see this year’s Barbie outfits. 

“I love any Halloween costumes, but people who do something out of the box are always my favorite!” she said.

When asked what she was going to be for Halloween, Ostrander said though she still hasn’t decided, she’s considering being a ghost from one of her favorite shows. 

Freshman Victor Ratliff is also getting into the Halloween spirit. He recommended that other students scare themselves with some horror movies. 

“If you want to have a fun time [watch] the third ‘Exorcist,’ a few of the ‘Friday the 13th’ movies and maybe ‘Monster House,’” said Ratliff. “…If you want to be afraid, [watch] ‘Perfect Blue’ or ‘Kite.’ Honestly just watching the cutscenes from ‘Forbidden Siren’ would be pretty wacky.” 

Even though Ratliff is not planning on dressing up himself as it’s been a long time since he dressed up, he’s still excited to see what other people are planning on being. 

“As for other people, I’m expecting great things…” said Ratliff.

Ned Lundy is getting ready for Halloween fun as well. Lundy said that they are looking forward to hanging with friends and grabbing some food to celebrate the season.

As movie recommendations, Lundy said, “[the new] Five Nights at Freddy’s would be a good Halloween movie.” 

Lundy is also excited to see other students’ Halloween costumes this year. 

“It would be cool to see some fighting game costumes,” they stated. 

In regards to their own, they said, “If I am getting a costume it will probably be May from ‘Guilty Gear.’”

Ava Slesigner is excited to dress up in celebration of this year’s spooky season. 

“I’m dressing up for Halloween! There has not been a year that I haven’t dressed up and gone out,” Slesinger said.

Slesinger spoke about how much he enjoys this aspect of the holiday.

“I love doing so with all my heart because it gives me a day where I can dress up and not be looked at weird,” Slesinger said.

Like other students, Slesinger is eagerly looking forward to Halloween, and has plans to be exploring the spooky atmosphere of Boston the day of.

“I’m probably going to end up walking around town and taking pictures or giving out candy… but all I know is that I want to be seen!” said Slesinger.

Slesinger recommended that other students participate in Halloween fun by watching some of their his favorite scary movies. 

“‘Scream’ is always a safe choice,” he said. “Serious but goofy, thrilling for those who have not seen it and an entertaining rewatch for those who have.” 

Additionally, he recommended childhood classics such as Disney’s “Halloween Town” and the comedic classic “Beetlejuice.” 

Slesinger is hoping to see what other students dress up as this year as well. 

“I’m guessing there will be a lot of Barbie, maybe Barbenhiemer themed things… I really want to see someone do Grimace… and maybe the Nun from ‘The Nun 2,’” Slesinger said. 

For his own costume, Slesinger said, “I’m going as Gloomy Bear! More specifically Super Sonico Gloomy Bear, but still Gloomy Bear nonetheless.”

For other non-Suffolk affiliated activities be sure to check out the Trick-or-Treating scene on Beacon Hill. Remember to stay safe and stay spooky, Suffolk!

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