ACLU affiliated club aims to inform students


Julia Ahaesy

Outside the Frank Sawyer building on Suffolk University’s campus, featuring the Massachusetts State House

Suffolk University’s student chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts works to bring about civic engagement through issues like immigration rights, abortion, racial justice and other issues that affect students and their peers.

Sarah Lawton, the founder and president of Suffolk’s chapter, hopes the group will educate students on these present issues. 

“Our objective is to bring students together to help inform, protect and advocate our rights as individuals while also being educated on what we see happening in our world,” Lawton said. 

Lawton founded this student chapter in 2020, around the time of George Floyd’s murder. 

“During that time period, especially with all the protests occurring, this tragic event was almost seen as an opportunity and helped with the inspiration of creating this organization,” Lawton said. 

The SU-ACLUM meets bi-weekly throughout the year on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month, meeting during activities period in Sawyer room 508.

At the end of each meeting, the executive board provides a Google Form where members share what they want to discuss during the next meeting. 

“The surveys are giving the opportunity for one to bring up specifics on what someone is interested in or passionate about discussing. Each meeting all relies on the students,” Lawton said. “Those attending are the ones controlling the discussions and topics.”

The E-Board of this organization has also provided an incentive for students to attend through a punch card system. If a student attends three meetings they will receive a SU-ACLUM crewneck sweater.

“This incentive will not only help bring students back and motivate students to attend but will help represent our organization throughout campus and hopefully involve more students,” Lawton said. 

Junior and treasurer of SU-ACLUM, Kay Armstrong, is passionate about being involved with this organization and creating a more educated community for students.

“Our goal is to educate and inform and we strongly emphasize that we are providing a safe space for students to express their opinions,” Armstrong said.

For more information about SU-ACLUM, message @SU_ACLUM on Instagram or email @[email protected]