Presidential seat up for grabs as SGA election season begins

Suffolk’s Student Government Association began its first round of executive board nominations at the organization’s first meeting of the spring semester on Feb. 4. 

With current President Karine Kanj graduating in May 2021, multiple students are running to take over the seat. 

The current list of confirmed nominees are Class of 2022 Senator Marissa Michaela Kearney and current SGA Treasurer and member of the Class of 2023 Angela El-Jazzar. Class of 2022 member, House and Finance Committee Chair and Residence Life Senator-at-Large Logan Casey is also running for the seat. 

Class of 2022 Senator and Student Judicial Review Board (SJRB) Justice Stephen Rykola is running for vice president, currently held by Class of 2021 member Lukas Phipps. 

Class of 2023 Senator and Finance Committee Member Evan Weston is also a potential candidate for the Treasurer seat. El-Jazzar currently holds this position.

The second round of the nomination period will officially end at 5 p.m. on Feb. 11, and some of these details are subject to change.

An election by-law amendment was proposed by Rykola. The change would make it so that current e-board members “must abstain from endorsing any candidates” on social media or otherwise if they are not running for a position. 

Multiple senators, including Casey and Class of 2022 Senator Meagan Dyer, brought up concerns about the amendment. 

Both cited a limitation to the freedom of speech of e-board members. 

I think it’s an obstruction on someone’s right to speak on their own behalf,” Dyer said. 

It is not specified if those who do endorse candidates will face any consequences. The amendment was passed with a majority vote.

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