Commuter students look for added parking options on campus

At the Feb. 20 Student Government Association general meeting, Vice President Oba Oseghali talked about the progress the Student Judicial Review Board (SJRB) has made in condensing the SJRB bylaws down to four pages that are in language that is understand- able to the public.

The six different articles of the bylaws contain powers and functions of the SGA Senate, the organization’s meetings, removing members from office, how the Senate operates, guidelines surround- ing amendments to the SGA legislative bylaws and how SGA bylaws can be reviewed.

At the meeting, senators discussed changing the way their votes are counted on matters discussed during the general meetings. Through the change, the president would say every senators name and they would each have to say their vote when their name is called. This would be entered into the meeting’s minutes.

Discounted park- ing was discussed during the open forum portion of the meeting. Senators suggested using a parking lot that is currently at the new dorm that is set to open at 1 Court St. at the beginning of the Fall 2020 semester, working with the MBTA to create discounted park- ing or working with local city garages to reduce parking costs for students.

Director of Student Leadership and Involvement Dave DeAngelis said that defacing SGA election posters is not allowed. If a student is found to have defaced or ruined a poster, a conduct hearing on campus will be held.

If a candidate, or one of their supporters, is found defacing election posters, there will be an immediate strike on their campaign.

An SGA Executive Board candidate forum will be held Feb. 27 in the Stoll Room of the Sawyer building during activities period, in place of a typical general meeting.

Voting in the election will take place Monday, March 2 starting at 9 a.m. and will end at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, March 4. Students can vote for E-board and Senate candidates on SU connect.