2020 SGA election season in full swing with nominations finalized

The last round of nominations for SGA e-board candidates in the SGA spring election were announced at the Feb. 13 meeting. The following students will officially be considered candidates once they turn in their election packets.

For president, the current incumbent Karine Kanj is running against Class of 2022 Senator and Public Relations Chair, Marissa Kearney. Class of 2023 Senator JD Conte was also nominated this week.

Commuter Student Senator at -Large Lukas Phipps, who is also a member of the Class of 2021 and current chair of SGA’s Diversity Committee, and Senator for the Class of 2022 Stephen Rykola, a member of SGA’s Housing and Facilities Committee, are running for vice president.

Class of 2023 Angela El-Jazzar received a nomination for treasurer last week. She will run against Class of 2022 Senator Abhy Patel and Member at-Large Juan Pastrana, who is also a member of the Class 2023.

For secretary, Class of 2023 Senator Boston Emmanuel and Class of 2022 Senator Youssef Hassan, a member of the Housing and Facilities Committee, will face off.

Packets for those nominated for e-board positions and those who wish to run for a senator seat are due Thursday, Feb. 20. An executive board forum will take place in the Stohl room at 12:15 p.m. that day in place of the typical general meeting.

The Caribbean Student Network received fund ing for their Caribbean Weekend event, which will be held from April 14 to April 18. Unspoken Feelings also received funds to pay for a April 3 talent show host.

The Young Arab Leaders Association received money for a clothing drive. The Suffolk Journal received funding for a conference they will attend in New York City, and the Japanese Student Association received funds for am informational meeting presentation. The Lacrosse Club received funding for new mouth guards, goggles, and sweatshirts, and the Society of Physics Students received funding for a conference.