Second year club is tapping into their potential


Member’s of the dance crew say they have strong bond with one another

Tip Tap Toe is approaching its second year in existence at Suffolk and has big plans in store, including its first ever club run event.

In the last year, the group participated in the Performing Arts Office (PAO) Winter Concert and the PAO Springfest. Junior Casey Grosjean, president of Tip Tap Toe, said she loved Springfest because the dance club got to perform with several groups and interact with people they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to otherwise.

This year, however, on top of the Winter Concert and Springfest, the dancers are putting on their first Tip Tap Toe show during the spring semester that will occur annually. It will be a showcase, displaying all of the dances they have been working on over the last two years.

Grosjean created the club Tip Tap Toe as a sophomore. She has been tapping since she was two years old and has taken part in dance classes up until college.

“It felt like I was missing a piece of myself by not tapping, that’s a huge reason why I started it,” said Grosjean.

She wanted to share her love of tap dancing with others, knowing she wasn’t the only one who felt lost without it. The club currently consists of only women dancers, and Grosjean feels like she has the opportunity with this club to “unite them to feel like they have a home at Suffolk.”

“I love the women that make this club what it is. Everyone is so passionate, enthusiastic and genuine. All of our members are committed to making this club the best it can be and you can literally feel the love coming from and each and every person,” said Grosjean “It makes all of the hard work so worth it, hearing that some girls wouldn’t have stayed at Suffolk if it wasn’t for the community we formed in our club.”

Grosjean has been the club’s president since its origin. As president, she leads the group alongside an executive board, which includes a member bonding chair, secretary, treasurer, event coordinator and social media/PR chair.

E-Board members work together to keep the club light hearted and fun

Grosjean expressed that there are also several opportunities to be a choreographer for the group, either for the main group numbers or the two small group numbers.

The group is low commitment, but a lot of fun, according to Grosjean. Practices are once a week for an hour. The goal is not for the rehearsals to be time-consuming, as Grosjean recognizes everyone has lives outside of the club. She expressed that they all “share the common love for tap and it’s nice to get a break from the stress of school and do something that makes us happy.”

“Practices are usually filled with everyone cracking jokes and catching up about our weeks,” said Grosjean. “Of course, we do learn new choreography every week to prepare for upcoming shows, but our practices are usually light hearted and everyone seems genuinely excited to be there every week, which is super rewarding.”

With the group and their president having such eagerness and energy, there is high anticipation building for upcoming events.

“I am so excited for this year and for all of our new members to fall in love with our group too,” said Grosjean. “I look forward to our performances and new experiences this year and as we continue to grow as a club.”