Resolution asks administration to list contact info on Ram Cards

This week in SGA …

SGA passed a resolution at its Oct. 31 meeting that recommends the university print contact information for certain campus resources on all new Ram Cards. 

The phone number for the Counseling Health and Wellness Office’s crisis number will be included on the back of Ram Cards beginning next year. The websites for Suffolk’s general directory and Division of Student Affairs will also be printed there. 

Currently, only the phone number for the Suffolk University Police Department is printed on Ram Cards. 

The resolution’s authors said it is important for students to know where to turn if they need mental health support, or help in other areas. 

“I also don’t think that a lot of [contact] information is well known by the student body, and not everyone is always comfortable asking where they can find the contact information for certain student resources,” said Class of 2022 Senator Cecilia Gonzalez, who is one of the resolution’s authors. 

Gonzalez said other universities already list contact information for similar student resources on their student IDs, and that “it would be foolish for Suffolk to not do the same.” 

Class of 2023 Senators Ana Luiza Bernardes and Sabrina Liu, and Commuter Student Senator at-Large Lukas Phipps, also co-authored the resolution. 

During the meeting’s open forum, Phipps recognized the Armenian Genocide. 

“As I’ve heard a lot of comments from my constituents, I’d like to use my position of privilege in speaking on this recent matter,” said Phipps, referring to a bill passed in the House of Representatives last week.

 In the bill, the House formally recognized the killings of 1.5 million Armenians in 1915 as genocide. 

“I believe it is important to recognize the Armenian Genocide just as we acknowledge formally recognized genocides like The Holocaust, Rwandan Genocide and ones yet to be recognized that we need to, such as the one against Native Americans and Indigenous people in the U.S. and the one against Africans victimized by the slave trade,” said Phipps.

Dennis Hernandez, Class of 2023, was also voted in as a member at-large.