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Mary Russell, volunteer Boston Climate Action Network

Slideshow: East Boston residents call for Moratorium

March 2, 2018

  Both East Boston residents and representatives from the Boston Climate Action Network gathered outside on the Portside at East Pier at 11 a.m. on Friday. These photos are views that were...

Snowy semester slows curriculum for some

Snowy semester slows curriculum for some

Brigitte Carreiro March 4, 2015

A phone call, a voicemail, a text message, and an email: it’s another snow day, and Suffolk students might have an extension on their latest assignment, or, they might not. This semester, both students...

Suffolk U News broadcast for Feb. 25

Suffolk U News broadcast for Feb. 25

February 25, 2015

Check out the latest from our partners at Suffolk U News. Their newscast reports on how snow is taking a toll on local businesses and Boston Marathon runners, and includes a peek at the lead story in this...

By Victoria Davis

Suffolk offers special housing rate for commuters in need of lodging

Will Senar February 25, 2015

Suffolk University, in a push to accommodate commuter students whose schedules have been disrupted by periods of harsh winter weather and delayed public transportation, has started an initiative to allow...

Sam Humphrey/Journal Staff

With a month of partial service ahead, MBTA’s woes put into perspective

February 18, 2015

What else is there to say about the dire situation of the MBTA? Until Monday, it seemed as if I had read every article left about the T’s woes. The past month saw transit passengers across the region...

Melissa Hanson/Journal Staff

Editor’s word: A make-up day for students and professors should not be a day off for everyone else

February 18, 2015

While it was fair that Suffolk University chose to hold classes on President’s Day after a barrage of snowstorms canceled multiple Mondays, it was unfair that employees across every university department...

Melissa Hanson/Journal Staff

Emergency Manager focuses on students amid snowstorms

Brigitte Carreiro February 12, 2015

Following the recent barrage of winter storms that piled dozens of inches of snow onto the metro Boston area and caused multiple school closures, Suffolk University’s Emergency Manager John DeSilva stressed...

Jeremy Hayes/Journal Staff

Snowstorms cause major setback for athletics

Jeremy Hayes February 4, 2015

The historic amount of snowfall has all of Boston cold, including Suffolk University’s winter athletics. Men's hockey, men’s basketball, and women’s basketball are the three winter sports currently...

Commuter students weigh in on how storms like Juno impact their time at Suffolk

Commuter students weigh in on how storms like Juno impact their time at Suffolk

January 27, 2015

By Thalia Yunen and Haley Peabody They come by bus, train, car, and even by boat. They’re Suffolk commuters, and they check and re-check their emails, their phones, and Suffolk’s website when news...

Mayor Walsh, officials, address storm as city prepares to shut down

Mayor Walsh, officials, address storm as city prepares to shut down

Brigitte Carreiro and Melissa Hanson January 26, 2015

By Brigitte Carreiro and Melissa Hanson Mayor Martin J. Walsh on Monday afternoon addressed concerns regarding the imminent snowstorm expected to pile upwards of 2 feet of snow on the city and greater...

(Photos by Melissa Hanson)

With near constant snow, how does Suffolk decide to cancel class?

Melissa Hanson February 19, 2014

Suffolk University is a school in the heart of the city, and often, also in the heart of a snowstorm. In February, 20 inches of snow have been dumped on the city of Boston, according to the National...

Dumped before Valentine's Day

Dumped before Valentine’s Day

Angela Bray February 13, 2013

Dan Olson  Journal Staff One of the five largest winter storms in Boston’s history, Nemo dumped a total of 21.8 inches of snow on Beantown.  While there was only one reported storm related fatality,...

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