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Rams rally through season

Courtesy of Suffolk Athletics
April 19, 2017

The Rams are more than halfway into their season and they have been taking care of business so far. Suffolk University’s baseball team fell short in just two of their last 13 games to Eastern Connecticut...

Rams welcome 70th season, continues program success

From left to right: Head Baseball Coach Anthony Del Prete, pitcher Mark Fusco, first baseman Kevin Belskie and pitcher Chuck Gibson.

|Brooke Patterson/ Asst. Sports Editor
March 30, 2017

For many college athletes, their involvement in sports stops right after graduation day. This was not the case for Suffolk University’s current Head Baseball Coach Anthony Del Prete. Del Prete started...

Rams swing for a triple: title three-peat

Courtesy of Suffolk Athletics
March 1, 2017

The two-time back-to-back champions are officially back in t-minus nine days and they are looking to defend their title, again. That is, their third Great Northeast Athletic Conference Athletic Conference...

Gibson leads team, continues Rams dynasty

Courtesy of Suffolk Athletics
March 1, 2017

Senior Chuck Gibson and first time captain is hoping to continue the “dynasty” that is Suffolk Baseball. Gibson, a pitcher for the Rams  from Malden, Mass., is entering his fourth year on the team...

Chant looks for consistency, strikes for NCAA run

Courtesy of Suffolk Athletics
March 1, 2017

While Brady Chant is more soft-spoken than his teammates, he is a leader in his athletic performance and demeanor. “You just set an example. We kind of just set a tone. We try to relay that to the guys...

Brenner almost hits career milestone, pitches to play more baseball

Courtesy of Suffolk Athletics
March 1, 2017

Playing in a career total of 90 games for Suffolk’s baseball team so far, senior catcher Matt Brenner looks to see that number increase as his final season approaches. Voted by his teammates during...

Cameron welcomes leadership, maintains demeanor

Courtesy of Suffolk Athletics
March 1, 2017

Playing one of the most defensively demanding positions for Suffolk’s baseball team, senior shortstop Sean Cameron, will be looking to have another successful season. “Shortstop is always looked at...

Captain’s Corner: Rams take the diamond

Courtesy of Suffolk Athletics
March 1, 2017

The Great Northeast Athletic Conference (GNAC) office announced on Feb. 16 that the Suffolk University baseball team was selected to win their third GNAC championship this 2017 season. The Rams sat on...

Student filmmakers compete in NESN showcase

February 25, 2017

Suffolk students David Apostolides, class of 2018 and JJ Moran, class of 2017, made the finals in NESN’s Next Producer contest. The students' film “Giving Up the Game” focused on the men’s...

Baseball loses a beloved player

By Twitter user @SportingNews
September 29, 2016

We oftentimes forget that baseball is a game. For fans, baseball can be a passion and for me, it has often been an escape. When an icon in the game of baseball passes away, especially at a young...

A personal story: Addict saved by America’s game

June 15, 2016

“I remember when my parents dropped me off for college, I had this feeling like I was doomed.” Tim Rosso, 34, of New Jersey has been sober for 17 months as he told the Journal in an interview with...

Del Prete leads team to another championship, NCAA run

Del Prete leads team to another championship, NCAA run
June 1, 2016

Suffolk University’s baseball team finished another season coming out on top. With the team looking to defend their 2015 championship title, it was an “exciting moment” when the team accomplished...

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