Seniors scramble to plan graduation as less tickets are available this year

As the anticipation for the class of 2012’s graduation steadily builds with each day inching closer to May 20, seniors have begun to feel the pressure of planning for the big event – more specifically the low number of tickets available for each soon-to-be graduate.

In a November email from the Office of Student Affairs, Suffolk seniors were informed that graduation would take place May 20 at the Bank of America Pavilion, and only three tickets were allotted per student.
“The capacity of the facility allows us to offer each graduating student THREE guest tickets,” stated the email. “Given the number of graduates we expect to attend, it is unlikely that there will be any additional tickets available. Please anticipate this in your family planning.”

Although the amount of tickets given to each graduating student is slim, a potential remedy to the situation is being worked on.

“We do expect to provide some kind of overflow seating with simul-cast of the commencement,” said Interim Vice President of Marketing Communication Greg Gatlin.
The class of 2011 graduated at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, and because of the large size of the venue, were allotted six tickets per graduating student, who were even presented with an opportunity to attempt for more, according to an email sent to seniors in April, 2011.

Unfortunately, the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center was not available for this year’s commencement, according to Gatlin, and the Bank of America Pavilion cannot hold such a volume of people in comparison.
The need for tickets to graduation, however, has come to a visible desperation on the Suffolk University Class of 2012 Facebook group, where many have pleaded for any extras, offering money, while others auction off their spares.
One student in the group posted, “probably only using 2 tickets, willing to sell my 3rd,” and got numerous responses quickly.

“How much? I don’t want to have to decide between my nana and my brother, thanks,” posted one student amidst comments. Another responded, “I’ll 100 percent buy it if you haven’t already sold it.”
The student selling the ticket explained that they had already received an offer of 150 dollars, saying if someone wanted to give more than that, they would be willing to sell the extra to them.

“It’s upsetting,” said senior Jillian Canavan. “I have to choose between family members to decide who gets to see me graduate.”

“I had anxiety of choosing between my father and my boyfriend…” continued Canavan. “My grandparents are completely out of the picture. Plus it’s pitting students against students.”
Although there is a smaller amount of space, the university has had commencement at the Bank of America Pavilion dating back to the class of 2008, four years ago. The class of 2007’s commencement took place at the TD Banknorth Garden five years ago for Suffolk’s centennial.

Also, anyone who wishes to watch the commencement ceremony has the option of watching a live stream broadcast online by the university. This stream is open to the public.