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Neck Deep astonishes audience in return to Boston

Michaela Buckley
Lead singer Ben Barlow belts out songs for the crowd at Roadrunner Feb. 16.

Originating from Wrexham, United Kingdom, the Welsh pop-punk band, Neck Deep, took to the Roadrunner stage Feb. 16 to an electrifying sold-out show with no dull moments. 

Their “Live In America Tour” is the band’s first time back in the United States since 2021, and their devoted fans made a point to show up with a line out the doors. 

Since their debut in 2012 and calling themselves “generic pop-punk,” Neck Deep has defied their trademark, proving their talent is anything but ordinary, and they’re still rocking it.

Unfortunately, their 2021 Boston show was canceled due to COVID-19, and the crowd’s long-awaited anticipation was clear as they chanted “Neck Deep!” before they hit the stage.

Following three dynamic openers, including standout bands of punk music today, Bearings, Higher Power and DRAIN, the stage was set. 

Neck Deep rocked their opening with a rowdy track titled, “Dumbstruck Dumbf**k,” a song about the struggles of self-doubt that had people immediately running around in a circle pit. 

Their shows are not for the faint of heart, as mosh pits are essential for pop-punk. You should expect to be thrown around the chaotic pit or carrying eager crowd surfers.

The rest of the setlist consisted of new songs off their fourth self-titled album released this year, including fun headbangers “Sort Yourself Out,” “Go Outside!” and “They May Not Mean To (But They Do).” 

The crowd truly came alive when the band belted out their classic hits, igniting intense excitement that had fans crowd-surfing and tearing up the pit. 

Tracks such as “Kali Ma,” “Motion Sickness” and “Lime St.” had adrenaline junkie fans singing along to every word, serving as a testament to the impact their music has made on people’s lives.

Ben Barlow, the band’s lead vocalist who has an admirable stage presence, made it a point to engage with the audience when introducing each song.

Off their self-titled album, “We Need More Bricks,” a political thrasher calling out to the punks, Barlow spoke on the injustice of the world.

“It’s up to us to make it right, okay?” said Barlow. “I truly believe a better world is possible and I really do believe in the human spirit, we have to raise that spirit real f**king high in order to make a change.”

Each song was a surge of energy, showcasing the incredible camaraderie among fans. 

The mosh pits transformed into a caring community, with everyone looking out for each other and lending a helping hand. 

Introducing a fan-favorite “She’s A God,” a song about celebrating one’s partner, Barlow called out for an all-girl mosh pit. 

In response, women gathered at the center, creating a spirited and beautiful interaction that truly complemented the song’s empowering female essence. 

With a sweaty, exhilarated and eternally happy crowd, Neck Deep succeeded in bringing out the vibrant liveliness of Boston’s punk scene.

Not only were Barlow’s vocals forceful and enamoring, but each instrument blended perfectly together to hold a loud and dominant stage, making the audience scream with passion. 

Neck Deep is not a stereotypical whiny pop-punk band as their more emotional lyrics make you sink into every note, leaving some tears for the long-time loyal fans. 

Concluding with a well-deserved encore, Barlow extended gratitude to the amazing Roadrunner crew and the audience, emphasizing that their performances are dedicated to the fans. 

“Thank you for keeping the dream alive,” Barlow said. “In return, I hope we can be the soundtrack to your best lives and an arm around your shoulder in the worst times, that is all we ever hope to be.” 

Their encore featured beloved pop-punk classics, including “December,” “Lowlife” and “In Bloom,” captivating the audience and providing a strong finish to the performance.

Neck Deep’s Live In America Tour, will continue until Feb. 25, when they finish in Chicago.

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Michaela Buckley
Michaela Buckley, Asst. Arts & Entertainment Editor | she/her
Michaela is a sophomore from Braintree, Massachusetts, majoring in print/web journalism. When she's not writing for the Journal, you can find her listening to music, hanging with her cats, reading, or going to the movies. She's a big fan of live concerts, vinyl collecting and dabbling in new hobbies during her free time.

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    Robb SwansonFeb 21, 2024 at 6:57 am

    At the age of 66, I’ve been going to punk shows for longer than most readers have been alive. I have a t-shirt that reads, “Old Punks Never Die… We Just Stand At The Back”. That mosh pit sounded like fun, but these old bones can’t handle that anymore.