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Newest exhibit brings ‘WNDR’ to downtown

Elise Coelho
“Let’s Survive Forever”, one of the most popular exhibits at WNDR, gives visitors one minute to take in the never-ending room.

Between the streets of the busy downtown Boston lies WNDR: a brand new museum that’s taking its visitors to infinity. The museum, which already has homes in Chicago and San Francisco, opened its third location in the heart of Boston Feb. 2. 

WNDR, an acronym for “wonder,” is where art meets technology. With several interactive exhibitions, the museum gives a chance for the viewers to construct their own experiences. 

“We are all artists,” the logo says right where you enter a tunnel of mirrors and bright colors on the floor that change when you step on them. It feels like you’re being transported to another dimension — and in some ways you are. This museum leads you to a place where everything is possible.

As visitors wander through the museum, they let their inner creativity run wild as they explore the exhibits, engage with interactive displays, thought-provoking installations and immersive art. 

What differentiates WNDR from other traditional museums like the Museum of Fine Arts or the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, is its multi-sensory art. From a tin can that makes you listen to 10 different sounds to a room with a yellow light that makes it seem that everything is black and white, at WNDR, visitors will have several different experiences that will trick their brains. 

The museum’s star, however, is the “Let’s Survive Forever” installation, from Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.  Somewhere visitors can only contemplate for one minute, as the artist requested, the installation easily fills a room and leaves visitors crushed when the 60 seconds are up. It is somewhere that feels like everyone would like to spend the most time inside. 

“Let’s Survive Forever” is a room filled with mirrors and stainless balls and it really seems that there’s no way out of it. It is one of the most immersive experiences of the entire visit, even though touch is off-limits. 

Motivational art exhibits such as the many telephones on the walls where visitors can pick them up and receive a positive and inspirational message, or the oracle machine that gives visitors a fortune ticket, are some of the most fun and interactive. 

WNDR also has an installation where you can place a message to other visitors. “The Wisdom Project” message wall is a guest-generated installation that makes the visitors think about what is important enough in their conception that they should put it out into the world. A word of advice or an “I was here” were some messages that filled the exhibit. 

WNDR is a huge playground not only for children but also for adults. The creative self that lives inside of everyone will be so happy to explore the museum and make their visit the most memorable and wonderful experience. 

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Elise Coelho
Elise Coelho, Staff Writer | she/her
Elise is a sophomore from São Paulo, Brazil. She is majoring in philosophy with a minor in journalism. She loves to read, write, listen to music and take pictures. Her favorite band is Maneskin, and most of the time you can find her at a theater watching a musical. After graduation she plans to become an author and share her stories with the world.

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