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G-Flip and Miki Ratsula illuminate Brighton Music Hall

Lilly Miron
G-Flip performing the song “Rough” from their new album, “DRUMMER”

Brighton Music Hall came alive with the likeness of bright, passionate stars for musical artist G-Flip and their opener Miki Ratsula Oct. 5. 

The stage, already set up with a variety of musical instruments, glowed in a dark purple while popular rock songs blasted over speakers to set the mood for the night. Within minutes of walking into the music hall, it became clear that the audience was not only there to witness their favorite songs live, but to freely express themselves in the safe space created by the artists’ brands.

The opening act began at around 8 p.m. Seeming slightly intimidated to approach, they climbed onto the stage and first struck a few practice chords to warm up before they jumped into the music. After a couple of songs, in a soft-spoken tone that reflected their music, they introduced themselves as Miki Ratsula, a proud transgender artist. They shared with the room that they found their love for making music in college as an outlet to share their emotions and experiences. 

With excitement, Ratsula discussed how they just released their new album, “i’ll be fine if i want to.” Leading the audience into the second half of their set, they transitioned with a touching sentiment: “Right now, I just hope that we can heal in this room together, yeah?” They finished off the performance strong, bearing scars from their transition with the same powerful vulnerability that their voice filled the room with. 

After Ratsula exited the stage, tension for the main act began to build. Latecomers bustled into the building, escaping the chilly night time breeze. Anticipation wasn’t left to linger as the band slowly made their way onto the stage and started the introduction to the opening song. The crowd released their enthusiasm with shouts and clapping, bouncing to the pounding beat of the drum that was blasting through the speakers. 

G-Flip burst onto the stage, their crisp voice vibrating with power as they broke out into singing the lyrics of “Hyperfine.” The artist ricocheted between their band, pulling energy from the guitarist and bass player, eventually settling in front of their drummer. They raised their hands towards the sky as the song finished playing out, the epic opening sending the venue into a screaming frenzy. 

Within the first two songs, G-Flip established themselves as the epitome of an up-and-coming, modern-day rockstar. From careless belting demonstrating how they easily can play around with  high and low notes to the way they hypnotized the listeners as they skillfully controlled the beat with a mesmerizing drum solo, the concert-goers fed into it all, jiving willfully under G-Flip’s direction.

Eventually, G-Flip slowed down the show and took the time to introduce themselves. They announced to the crowd, “I started my solo career in Melbourne, Australia, by making music in my bedroom. I put a song on the internet and then it went viral. I put all my instruments in my bedroom and just made it on logic.” 

The room went wild, cheering at the beginnings of G-Flip — beginnings that ultimately brought G-Flip’s music to them. They  continued, “I’ve always dreamed of playing shows, and never thought I’d get to go, like really far away from home and get to play shows, so thank you so much for being here.” 

The performance raged on with both passion ignited from the roller coaster of emotions that G-Flip’s songs took on and an essence of humbleness and gratefulness the performer had expressed to their fans. 

The combination created a deafening cry for an encore, which G-Flip granted with grace. The rockstar finished their set with their hit, “GAY 4 ME” and exited the stage, leaving anyone who wasn’t invested before, convinced that G-Flip is going to be big.

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