The Menzingers celebrate a decade of music at Paradise Rock

The Menzingers, a Scranton-based punk band, played a pair of shows at Paradise Rock Club to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of their breakthrough album “On The Impossible Past.”

Since forming in 2008, the four-member group has recorded seven studio albums, with the most recently released in 2020.

The chart-topping band is in the midst of their 26-city tour, which included multiple nights in Boston, New York, New Jersey, Florida and Philadelphia. 

Other bands featured on the tour’s bill included Los Angeles post-hardcore band Touché Amoré, along with New Jersey’s Screaming Females.

Both opening bands have loyal fan bases which were in attendance. Their high-energy, guitar heavy music excited fans and received high praise across the venue.

As “On The Impossible Past” turns 10, fans were eager to hear the masterpiece of a mid-20s misadventure. The 13-track album, released in 2012, is still held in high regard among aging pop-punk enthusiasts.

The Menzingers kicked off the night with “Good Things,” which rapidly threw fans into a frenzy of mosh-pits and stage dives. As the opening chords were delivered, the crowd shouted in unison, “I’ve been having a horrible time,” which set the tone of contagious energy that would last the entirety of the show.

They continued through the album from start to finish which included tracks such as “The Obituaries,” “Gates” and “Casey.”

Lead singer Greg Barett was quick to sing the praises of the high-energy crowd on night two of their Boston stop, commenting, “Man, this city truly never disappoints.”

This was the band’s first show in the city since 2020.

The band closed the show with a three-piece encore which included fan-favorite hits from their other studio albums. Catering to their Massachusetts fans, the second-to-last song of the set was “In Remission,” which features multiple references to Boston.

The Menzinger’s performance commanded feelings of sentiment and nostalgia for a fan base who has cherished their discography for nearly two decades. The set confirmed that while “On The Impossible Past” may be turning a decade old, fans’ emotional reaction to the album is still as prevalent as ever. 

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