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The artistic and tragic love story of ‘My Policeman’

Courtesy of Amazon Studios
Harry Styles and Emma Corrin star in “My Policeman.”

The highly anticipated book-to-film adaptation, “My Policeman,” directed by Michael Grandage, has kept fans of the novel and the cast aching to get their hands on the movie since it was announced. And it didn’t disappoint. 

The film follows Tom Burgess, a 1950s English policeman, who finds himself in the middle of a challenging love affair. The young Tom, portrayed by Harry Styles, gets into a relationship with Marion, played by Emma Corrin. Tom meets the dashing Patrick Hazelwood, portrayed by David Dawson, and they begin a love affair. 

The film flashes back and forth between a young Tom, Marion and Patrick, and their older selves, played by Linus Roache, Gina McKee and Rupert Everett, respectively. Through the series of flashbacks, we see Marion reading Patrick’s old journal and reliving his recounts of all his encounters with her husband, Tom. 

The cinematography of this film is unbelievably stunning. With beautiful English countryside views and the crashing waves of their retirement town, this movie’s aesthetic truly enhances the overall power of the film. 

The stunning cast brings this heartbreakingly beautiful story to life. You feel completely immersed in 1950s Britain, and their performances allow the audience to feel as if they are personally connected to each character and their story. 

“My Policeman” is Styles’ junior leading acting role and by far his most powerful. The pure heart and soul he brings to Tom is breathtaking and proves his dedication to improvement in his acting. Styles put the work into this role, as his passion for this project radiates in every line and it seems like he may have studied his character more for this role, as opposed to his previous roles. 

Styles was the perfect casting choice for Tom’s character. He is effortlessly charming, as Tom is, and beautifully embodies this portrayal of the 1950s queer experience. 

Dawson shined as the beloved Patrick, the museum curator that Tom can’t help but fall hopelessly in love with. His performance was filled with emotion and passion, much like Styles’. Dawson gave an effortless performance in his leading role, surely securing him more roles in the future. 

Corrin, who plays the wife of Tom, and a close friend of Patrick, further proves their talent as Marion. Corrin delivered consistent and powerful emotional performances in countless drama films, in which “My Policeman” now joins. They have beautiful chemistry with both Styles and Dawson and bless the screen with grace. 

Of great importance to lovers of the “My Policeman” novel, the movie proved to be quite accurate to the beloved book by Bethan Roberts, with the exceptions of certain scenes.

To have a story that shows the true queer experience in a time that was so heavily conventional and continually ostracized the gay community, and have it portrayed so beautifully and with poise isn’t something we see very often. It’s important that the audience sees the honest and raw queer history that is often overlooked—allowing them a small glimpse into how people in the gay community were beaten, killed, arrested and looked down upon simply for not complying with such harmful societal norms. 

“My Policeman” is an excellent film that leaves you with tears in your eyes and an ache in your heart. This emotionally charged film delivered all the qualities of a film that one expects and is a beautiful addition to any movie watchlist. 

“My Policeman” is now streaming on Amazon Prime and showing in select theaters.

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The artistic and tragic love story of ‘My Policeman’