Planned Parenthood Generation Action comes to campus


Leo Woods

Protesters hold Planned Parenthood signs at Oct. 2 rally

The Suffolk University chapter of Planned Parenthood Generation Action came to campus in the Fall of 2022, creating a space for students of all identities to fight for progress they would like to see on campus in terms of reproductive and sexual health. 

The organization is led by E-Board members Emily Puchalski, Natalie LaPointe, Haley Solomito, Caitlyn Parker, Victoria DeDonato and Anna Solomon. The E-Board emphasized the organization’s strive to be a safe space for students of all identities.

The PPGA E-Board’s current goals for the organization include getting students to vote, providing a safe and educational space for all and holding fundraisers for reproductive health and LGBTQ+ organizations. 

“One of our biggest goals is encouraging people to vote for politicians that are going to vote ‘yes’ for reproductive health rights, and just to fight for reproductive health rights for all people with uteruses,” said Puchalski, the president of PPGA. 

All of the E-Board members placed an emphasis on the importance of diversity and inclusion within their organization. 

“I want this club to be a safe space for everyone,” said LaPointe. “Not only for people who identify as women, but also people who identify as men, nonbinary, queer and also people of different races.” 

Other goals of the organization include working towards inclusive sex education and menstrual health equity, according to Puchalski. 

“We also want to spread sex positivity for everybody across campus, we’re going to have a lot of fun events and fundraisers. We want to make it [PPGA] a fun, safe and educational environment,” Puchalski said. 

LaPointe said PPGA is also hoping to implement a ‘buddy system,’ where students seeking reproductive healthcare can get buddied up with a member of PPGA for support they may need while accessing care. 

DeDonato, PPGA’s public relations chair, aims to work with Suffolk Title IX to update their policies. 

“I know so many people who have come to [Title IX] and they leave feeling worse than they did when they went,” said DeDonato. “I think that would be a huge thing, that, if we can work on campus and get that fixed up, people can get the support they need through the school.” 

Students hoping to get involved with PPGA can find more information on the organization’s Iinstagram @SuffolkPPGA or by emailing the E-Board.