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Indigo De Souza’s radiant return to Boston

Mia Eastwood
Singer-songwriter Indigo De Souza performed at the Royale on April 25.

Indigo De Souza performed at the Royale nightclub on April 25 as a part of her tour celebrating her second album, “Any Shape You Take.”

Since her sold-out performance was postponed from January 2022, the crowd was eager and passionate from the beginning to end of the show. 

The singer and songwriter began her tour in August 2021 in her hometown of Asheville, North Carolina. De Souza scooped up a plethora of up-and-coming artists to play with her throughout her tour, including The Still Tide and Ex Gold.

The opening band, Horse Jumper of Love is a Boston-based trio that was chosen to play alongside De Souza at her Boston, Vermont, New York and Philadelphia performances. The performers set the tone for the show with an expressive, imagery-implanted set that allowed the audience to truly take in the work of art. Their set had fans continually on their toes and curious for what comes next which was very cohesive with De Souza.

De Souza gave a raw performance that portrayed a mix of both her albums, “Any Shape You Take” and “I Love My Mom,” which was a crowd-pleaser. Her music permitted the audience to scream, cry, dance, and hug their friends; It was a true display of emotion through her songs like “Kill Me” and “Way Out.” 

Her artistically-styled tattoos and uncontrollable curly hair set the aesthetic for night by creating a diverse, accepting and creative environment, which was appreciated by the audience. 

Many college students were in attendance as that has become the target audience for De Souza’s music. She has played shows at multiple schools, including Northeastern University. As she continually writes about her past experiences and the lessons learned, it is cathartic for this age group to relate to her music.

As a whole, her music expressed a mix of basement-grunge and gloom that has been continually desired in the alt. rock scene. However, she pulls from influences and passions that create a sense of individuality and intensity that draws a dedicated crowd; such as Elliot Smith, Mumford and Sons and Frank Sinatra.

The depth and authenticity in De Souza’s songwriting and the devotion in her vocals make it clear that her career is far from over. De Souza has created an indefinite end to her tour as she continues to add more performances to her timeline. Her passionate energy and the crowd’s adoration indicates a successful album release. 

A majority of her tour sold out within weeks of releasing tickets as she created an established fan-base during her claim-to-fame in 2018 releasing her debut album, “I Love My Mom.” 

De Souza plans to continue her national and European tour through November 2022, with possibilities of another extension. She has played with indie artist Lucy Dacus for a brief segment of Dacus’s tour and has multiple festivals on the horizon, such as The Great Escape Festival and Firefly Music Festival.

She continues to express her passion for advocacy by partnering with the nonprofit Road to Recovery for her April and May tour dates. This collaboration is attempting to create accessible mental health resources at live performances. Her kind-heartedness continues to radiate and create a positive influence for her audiences. 

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Indigo De Souza’s radiant return to Boston