“Yes” Performs 50th Anniversary Tour in Boston

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“Yes” Performs 50th Anniversary Tour in Boston

Lexie Piepmeier / Journal Contributor

Lexie Piepmeier / Journal Contributor

Lexie Piepmeier / Journal Contributor

Lexie Piepmeier / Journal Contributor

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“Yes” performed at the Orpheum Theatre in Boston on Oct. 4, 2017. The band featured lead singer Jon Anderson, guitarist Trevor Rabin, and keyboardist Rick Wakeman. The progressive rock band was recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in April after nearly 50 years of performing.

They have maintained their success and status as a profound rock and roll group since the beginning of their rise to fame in the late 1960’s. “Yes” was said to be “the longest lasting and the most successful of the ‘70s progressive rock groups,” according to allmusic.com.

The band was formed by lead singer Jon Anderson, bassist Chris Squire, guitarist Peter Banks, keyboardist Tony Kayne and drummer Bill Bruford. They created music that pushed all types of rock standards and boundaries. This included rock sub-genres such as classical, psychedelic, art and soft rock.

Although their big break debuted in the late 1960s, the band’s music is still celebrated, performed  and honored to this day.

“I have been a fan of “Yes” since I was in high school. This group has unbelievable musicians” said original and dedicated fan and concert attendee Michael Puliafico as he excitedly anticipated the concert. Puliafico declared that he has remained a devoted and enthusiastic fan of “Yes” for the majority of his life, and this was his very first time seeing the band perform live. Similar to Puliafico, many of the group’s fan base has been following them through the entirety of their career.

The atmosphere at the Orpheum was filled with passion, mystery and, of course, the iconic glitz and glam of the ‘70s. A variety of different colored lights motioned on the stage as lead singer Jon Anderson entered with a tambourine in hand. He was greeted by an empowering, deafening applause and a plethora of “rock-on” hand signs from the audience. The theatre was filled with vibrancy and pride as bright blue, pink, purple and green lights shone on the stage and even projected onto the audience. The mood of the concert was instantaneously created to be that of relaxation, positivity and celebration.

“Yes,” featuring original lead singer Anderson and two new members- guitarist Trevor Rabin and keyboardist Rick Wakeman- who opened with “Cinema.” This progressive rock song consists of magical rock and roll tunes from the drums, keytar, bass guitar, all while legendary rocker, Anderson, started the show as he swayed back and forth and motioned his hands in unity with the music.

The band then continued to perform, playing several hits from “The Yes Album,” “90125” and “Fragile.” Off of those albums, the band performed famous songs such as “Hold on” and “Perpetual Change.”

As lights illuminated the performers and audience in dynamic, rainbow colors, the atmosphere of the concert developed into that of high spirit and celebration. The performers captured the fun-loving essence of the 70’s era by wearing extravagantly colored sequined capes and jackets that were geometrically patterned. Wakeman wore a sequined patterned cape with bright blues and deep magentas embedded into it. The band certainly captured the art, fashion and vibe of 70’s culture.

After performing, “South Side in the Sky” lead singer Anderson said to the crowd, “That song was from 46 years ago, and it came out before most of you were born!” This comment enlightened the audience with acknowledgment for the five, thriving decades of the band’s career.

Anderson continued, humorously expressing, “But it’s okay, it’s okay! We understand, and we’re going to do a celebration of the Yes music again. And you and I, and you and I, and you and I” Anderson and the band then moved right into performing an original cover of “And You and I.”

In addition to the variety of outfits and songs performed, the band utilized different instruments throughout the concert as well. Anderson played the tambourine throughout the show, and performed “Awaken” with a harp.

“Yes” concluded the show with their hit song “Owner of a Lonely Heart.” People arose out of their seats, to rock along with the famous band and pay homage to their outstanding musical journey.

“You know this song so you’ve got to sing along with me,” lead singer, Jon Anderson, expressed before “Yes” ended the night with an encore edition of “Roundabout.”

The honoring of “Yes’” career continues. The band will be celebrating 50 years of success with the continuation of their 50th anniversary tour. The world tour will span throughout the end of March 2018. “Yes” will continue their legacy by rocking out to past songs in the near future.

See photos from the show online.