New E-board prepares to take the reins

Article by: Jeff Fish and Derek Anderson

l-r: Ed Plamowski, Mitch Vieira, and Brad Migliacci prepare for their new positions.

With the SGA elections over, the four newly elected E-board members are being prepped to take the reins for next year.

Next year’s E-board will consist of seniors Mitch Vieira, Nick DiZoglio, Ed Plamowski, and sophomore Brad Migliacci as president, vice president, treasurer, and secretary respectively.

“I think the new E-board is going to run very well next year,” said current president Brian LeFort, 2010.

According to LeFort, Vieira has already been a big part of the organization as treasurer, and has begun the transition into the presidential position.

“Brian LeFort and I have started to begin the transition by meeting with each other, starting to share emails on different things that are happening now, so that I can get up to speed with current events,” said Vieira. “I’m getting ready to set up a meeting with Vice President Stoll to begin the transition that way. I’m meeting with the different advisers and reviewing some of my plans for next year.”

Vice President DiZoglio, however, has less of a transition because he already holds the position. “As of right now, I’m going with the flow. I don’t have to train anyone to take over my spot next year, I’m pretty much going on a continuous pattern from last May to May 2011.”

Plamowski and Migliacci are new to the E-board this year. “The biggest thing I want to do to prepare is talk to as many SGA members now, as well as other students, to get their feedback on how the year went and criticism and ideas for next year. Once I get their feedback, I’ll mix it with my ideas and hopefully we’ll have a good next year,” said Migliacci.

Each member brings with him different goals and ideas about how to make the SGA run efficiently. As part of the transition, the four will meet this year to brainstorm and consolidate their ideas to come up with a game plan.

“Once we get squared away, we’ll work to get the senate involved with those plans, and over the summer we hope to really start to work with everyone,” said Vieira, whose major goals include getting a student on the Board of Trustees. The push for a student trustee comes after much controversy surrounding President Sargent’s salary and how money is being spent at Suffolk.

DiZoglio hopes to work more with commuter students next year and is “working on proposals to get the SGA back up to its full consistency next year, get every seat filled. I really have to push that at orientation, along with planning the future Temple Street Fair, showcases, and student outreach, not just to Suffolk students but to students outside Boston.”

As secretary, Migliacci wants to publish a weekly or monthly SGA newsletter for the students. “I was toying with the idea of maybe e-mail subscriptions or a printed publication. Regardless of how it’s sent out, I would like to get all the SGA information out to the students who want it. A lot of people know we have an SGA, but they don’t really know what we do or how we can help them.”

Migliacci also wants to “help the diversity situation,” which has also been a point of contention in the SGA recently. “What I would like to do is set up some sort of informal meeting session with representatives from the different diversity clubs so that any issues can be addressed and hopefully worked out.”

Although they each have their own individual goals, the E-board elects acknowledged they will only be accomplished by working together.

“I’m really working hard with the E-Board now to try to meet and get our ideas down to prepare for next year. So that way when September rolls around, we can hit the ground running and really work hard for the students,” said Migliacci. “The biggest thing is that we bounce ideas off each other. The collaboration between everyone is what’s important.”

DiZoglio said he has already worked with members of the E-board and looks forward to doing so next year. “Mitch and I have been together since freshmen year. I’ve worked with Ed on different events and different communities along the way. Also Brad, he’s a freshman and he’s a good kid. I look forward to working with him.”

“Our job as an E-board is to keep momentum going. I really, really hope they can stay with it and help the organization,” said LeFort. “At this point, all I can do is get the organization into position to pass it off.”

The E-board is optimistic about the future of the organization and the new opportunities ahead. “The only thing I think we’ll fight over is whose desk is bigger,” quipped DiZoglio.