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Fall celebration!

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Fall Fest, the annual variety show that has been a part of Suffolk’s performing arts program for 42 years, did not fail to entertain the nearly sold-out audience of both Friday night and Saturday afternoon shows on Oct. 23 and 24. The combination of the amazing musical numbers of the show choir, a tear-jerking performance from the alumni, and the star-blazing independent acts, made for a perfect farewell celebration to the beautiful C. Walsh Theatre.

I cannot think of another production that is filled with the amazing talent of Suffolk students that also leaves our university community and visiting families in tears, laughs, and non-stop enjoyment.

It is also dear to my heart, as I was granted the opportunity to be one of the only two senior independent acts.

The audience was enthusiastic for and supportive of every act and musical number. Opening night on Friday was highly successful, with a special appearance and brief word from President Margaret McKenna at the start of the show.

Although the show was highlighting more of the company’s history performing at C. Walsh, the independent acts enhanced the show to a whole other level.

The Performing Arts Office did an excellent job choosing the independent acts, many of who were mainly first-year students. Freshman Jacob Tobey was the first independent act, who sang Ed Sheeran’s “Lego House” remarkably. The Cape Cod native’s acoustic guitar, charming looks, and smoky voice caught the audience’s attention, and I hope he continues to perform at Suffolk as much as he can.

I was honored to be the second independent act, performing an original spoken-word poem, titled, “I am not my hair, but I am.” My poem reflected on my natural hair, stating the hilarious stereotypical assumptions people have about afro-textured hair on African-American women, and provided a revelation on how my hair shaped me as a person. Although I have done a few spoken-word performances at Suffolk events within the last three years, this was my absolute favorite.

Two other independent acts, Noah Hay on bagpipes and Christina Twombly doing Tae Kwon Do, brought confidence and skill to the stage that I admired.

Also a first-year student, Hay graced the stage in a kilt and included the Star Wars theme song in his performance.

Twombly, who is a part of the company and a senior, brought her black belt and Tae Kwon Do attire as she showcased her moves on stage. Following that, freshman Darian Kuswanto shocked the audience with his rock guitar performance of Eddie Van Halen’s “Eruption.”

The last two independent acts were my favorites and owned the stage with strength and high energy. The adorable freshman duo, JoJo Nathan and Vanessa Vega, performed a lovely rendition of “Jar of Hearts” by Christina Perri. JoJo’s ukulele and Vanessa’s outstanding voice blended very well, and it is amazing that freshmen orientation brought them together as best friends and fantastic performers.

Jo’lise Grant, aka “Jello,” was a powerhouse. “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey, an all-time favorite and a past musical number from a prior Fall Fest show, allowed Grant to show off her pipes. Grant’s sing-a-long of the popular chorus created a great moment that brought everyone in the theater together.

Aside from these performances, the tear-jerking reunion when alumni singing “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth sure made a historic mark for the last C. Walsh show. Francisco “Fran P” Pequero impressively re-wrote the rap verse for the song, which included his story and what the C. Walsh has done for his career as a rapper today.

Lastly, the company was amazing in their various musical numbers. The performance that I admired the most was “For Good” from “Wicked,” led by Sara Remus and Jenna Locke.

Fall Fest was an overall fantastic show, and the yearly tradition will hopefully continue in the future in a home as special as the C. Walsh Theatre.

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Fall celebration!