Blue Man Group amazes Boston audiences with new show


The famed Blue Man Group makes their way to Boston’s local Charles Playhouse to provide the local hub with a sweep of entertainment for the new season.  Blue Man Group is nationally known for their raving theatrical shows, which incorporate a variety of arts and entertainment including music, comedy, excitement, lights, and multimedia. Offering a unique and blissful party atmosphere, Blue Man Group had the wild energy to allow the audience to not only enjoy the aspect of watching, but also have the opportunity to interact and take part in the show.

Just as the clock touched 8:03 p.m. following an 8 p.m. show time, blue lights fill the Charles Playhouse as guests in the first five rows facing the stage and the first set of side rows anticipate the excitement of Blue Man Group in their clear ponchos. Even in the idle moments as audience members waited for the show to start, a stock ticker screen encouraged guests to “yell like a cowboy” while wishing special guests happy birthday and to say in oath not to “text your bff until after the show,” encouraging a fun- loving atmosphere presented before the entertainment even began.

“I asked before the show what the Blue Man Group was and no one could really honestly give me a good answer to the question, and I see why now,” said Stephania Cifranceso, sophomore at Bentley University. “It’s because they cannot be composed into one title. They feature educational material, improv, live music, and a unique type of comedy.”

A neon set of three-dimensional band members supported the Blue Men throughout the course of the show, creating eclectic and supportive undertones to make for an amazing musical experience.  Throughout various points, selected audience members were not only invited up on to the stage to take part in skits, but a few lucky members of the audience received live memorabilia including a painting and post-dinner ‘Twinkie’ doggie bag.

“It was unreal, they are really good at what they do. I saw them a few years ago, so this is my second time around,” said Charlie Morris, sophomore at Boston College. “I didn’t expect that it was going to be this amazing the second time around.”

Members of Blue Man Group turned the audience onto an electric level, when there was an instructional skit teaching visitors the correct etiquette of how to correctly party at a rock concert. After getting the party started, Blue Man Group only continued to amaze the audience until the very last few seconds, of the show. This delightful and colorful performance was not only a night of entertainment but was solely an experience that will never be forgotten.

Blue Man Group is currently hosting stage shows in New York, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Orlando, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Oberhausen. The Blue Man trio is actually made up of six different men that alternate throughout the different showcases that are put on locally here in the city of Boston, just to ensure audiences that there is a maximum energy level delivered through every single showing.

Introducing revolutionary and clever concepts, Blue Man Group offers such a unique entertainment experience and engages the attendees by throwing marshmallows at audience members, crawling into the seats of the audience, stepping on arm rests and touching the tops of heads as they pass by deep into the crowd seated in the back of the arena, the Blue Men generate an instantly friendly feel with the crowd. Serving as a polar opposite to any Paul Thomas Anderson film, but still serving his wise words justice, when it comes to Blue Man Group – there will be paint.