Sushi + grill grub = yummy


Meagan Kennelly  Journal Staff

After months of a “coming soon” sign posted in the Cambridge Street window, Fin’s Japanese + Suchi Grill has opened in Beacon Hill.


Fin’s now has four Boston locations: Cleveland Circle, Kenmore Square, Symphony, and Beacon Hill.  Being a big sushi lover myself, I have visited all four.  All menus are the same, but I can say Fin’s Beacon Hill has definitely stepped it up with impeccable service and a very upscale presentation. Watch out Ma Soba!


Although it’s been open for a few weeks, the staff claims there are still a few loose ends to be tied up before they feel 100 percent complete. I couldn’t notice any of them, and I don’t think that’s the Sake talking.


For my Fin’s Beacon Hill initiation, I walked in on a Wednesday and was caught off-guard with a 25-minute wait. Apparently the sushi-deprived Beacon Hill-ites were just as excited as I was.  Thankfully, Fin’s is one of those places where 25 minutes really means 20 minutes, not 35, so I wasn’t too concerned.


I was very disappointed however, that I couldn’t pass the time staring into a highly anticipated exotic fish tank. If you have ever been to Fin’s Cleveland Circle location, you will know the giant fish tank I am referring to – the one with the zebra-striped fish.


I will assure you that is the only let-down I experienced on my sushi night out.  I proceeded to order some of my regular entrée choices to see how they stacked up, along with some new dishes that presently surprised my taste buds and will surely make it onto the fave’s list.  I always start with Miso soup, which makes or breaks a restaurant for me. The soup can either taste like cloudy water (if made poorly) or be extremely flavorful (which Fin’s does perfectly.)


Phase one: passed.


Next: spicy kimchi fried rice. Kimchi is a traditional fermented Korean dish with hundreds of varieties. If you haven’t tried it before, I’m telling you it’s a must.  Whenever I go to Fin’s, I order a dish with dinner and one to-go for lunch and dinner the next day.  And if I can’t sell you on it, Dr. Oz claims it will help you lose that last five pounds, so maybe that’ll get you in!


For the main course, I ordered two new sushi rolls in addition to one I always like to get: Scorpion Maki (grilled eel, cucumber, avocado and tobiko wrapped with shrimp), Hawaiian Maki (mango, avocado and spicy tuna) and Double Match Maki (sweet potato tempura and fresh pineapple covered with baked salmon, strawberries and shredded sweet potato on wasabi mayo sauce).  I have to say the Double Match Maki took the cake. This was my first attempt at sweet potato in sushi and it was definitely a good thing.  I am usually skeptical of trying out-of-the-ordinary things in my sushi like pickles and asparagus but I am now giving those a second thought!


To sum up, the food was great and each dish came precisely one after the other. The plates all looked amazing, the water was filled just as I finished, and the staff was pleasant.  There’s not much more to ask for, but if you can think of something, I’m sure Fin’s already has it covered. I highly recommend, and in the spirit of Japan, itadakimasu!