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Lot F exhibits ‘Three’ artists


The first Friday of each month after the Financial District’s corporate buildings empty, art seekers make their way to the Lot F Gallery. Last week, the gallery hosted ‘Three,” an exhibit showcasing the work of three artists and their different styles of artwork. 

The Lot F Gallery is neatly tucked away on the top floor of a generic Boston building and can be easily overlooked by the average passer-by. Owner James Wormser and Co-owner Kate Ostreicher hosted “Three,” inviting friends and members of the public into their ultimate gallery, which also serves as the living room to their flawless home.

“My friends lived here before it was a gallery,” said Wormser. “Friends used to have wild parties in this section of the apartment building. I wanted to make it more professional.”

Wormser and Ostreicher have hosted 24 previous events over the past two years.

“Our first show was with Todd Robertson. The title of the show was ‘Grandma’s House.’ Todd had collected stuff you would find in a grandmother’s home and spray painted monsters all over them,” explained Ostreicher. “People really liked his work.”

This month’s exhibit featured local artists Sean Flood, Nick Ward and Josh Falk. A room full of visitors and friends gathered in the gallery space to view the pieces displayed, enjoy refreshments, and converse with one another. The friendly atmosphere welcomed an eclectic group of art-appreciating individuals.

“It’s cool to see something like this happen in Boston. The scene has been kind of low, and it’s just really cool to see it rising,” said Nathan Mosquera, 26, of his first visit to Lot F Gallery. “Lot F is well put together, I like it.”
Flood provided four different paintings of four well-known alleyways in the city of Boston. His collection included two paintings of Boston’s Clarendon St.: a viewpoint during the day and another during the evening.
“I enjoy architecture. I like to capture deep space and perspective,” said Flood.

Ward also provided four different paintings, including “Christine Sunbathing,” which was finished just in time for the event. The painting is a play on an old master’s painting of an old, dead Christ in a tomb with a bright yellow backdrop and a modern day woman basking in the sun. Another one of Ward’s favorite pieces offered an understanding of one’s words encrypted into a large painting. The oil painting of a blonde woman was surrounded by sentences written in bee’s wax.

“All of the text is written by the woman posing. She wrote a diary about what being a 22-year old woman is all about and what it’s worth,” said Ward. “I have always been interested in people and what they are thinking; that’s why I started painting people, that’s what I find most interesting.”

Falk approaches art with a different medium, displaying eight photographs placed on wood panels. “Bed of Blades,” Falk’s favorite, features an enlarged “behind the glass feel” photo of grass blades from a unique point of view. The piece is a five-panel inkjet photographic print mounted on a wood laminate. The inspiration behind Falk’s work is derived from Boston’s urban environment and how, in certain areas, it often meets the woods’ natural life. Falk is also a member of Project Super Friends [], a collective of artists, designers and musicians solely founded on friendship and family.

“Stay young, don’t get caught up in one road, try everything possible, work in every medium. Try everything if you really want to do. That’s how you find what you really like to do,” said Falk. “I like to work in many mediums: sculptures, wood, photos, anything I can get my hands on.”

“You can’t judge artwork by looking at a photo of it on a flyer, you have to actually come in and see it to really appreciate it,” said Wormser. “That’s why I print our event flyers in black and white.”

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Lot F exhibits ‘Three’ artists