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Prudential blooms with newest installation

Ellie Gregory
Mannequins covered from head to toe in fresh cut flowers fill Prudential Center with life.

The Fleurs De Villes exhibit filled the Prudential Center with carefully constructed flower exhibits based upon different countries Nov. 2-6.

The exhibit began at the entrance of the Prudential, where the welcome mannequin, adorned with red and purple flowers, sat atop a sign. There were programs of the exhibit, which list each country and where the mannequin is. Aptly, the name of the exhibit means “flowers of the cities.”

The event, whose goal is to showcase the art of each city they visit, has multiple sponsors and a number of florists contributing. There are also chances to win prizes, including a three-day trip to Bermuda if you voted for the best mannequin.

There are 18 countries included in the displays: Argentina, Bermuda, the United States, Cape Verde, China, Columbia, India, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica, Morocco, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Scotland, Tahiti and Vietnam.

The Portugal mannequin was a collage of green, blue and white with smaller splashes of yellow, created by a floral studio called Floristika. Pseniya, the creator of the installation, explained her inspiration behind the piece. 

“At the moment they emailed me [for this event], I was there. I was in the Azores [in Portugal]. This is how the inspiration comes. You just look around… everything that surrounds you, this is your inspiration,” said Pseniya. “It was a big plus for me that I’ve been there, so I’ve seen everything in person, and then you just create. Another inspiration is the flag; so you see the Azorian flag, and this is where the idea of the wings came from, and the nine stars that represent the nine Azorian islands. It all comes together.”

Aside from being given the mannequins, the creators have complete control over how they choose to create their displays. According to Pseniya, the mannequins provided are a requirement to participate in the exhibit.

Each display included colors, designs and objects reminiscent of their country. The Vietnam exhibit utilized grapefruits, apples, pumpkins and oranges to remind viewers of the trade of fresh produce in the country, as described by the sign explaining the display. The mannequin is also seen holding sticks, similar to how Vietnamese traders display wares.

Samantha, a viewer of the exhibits who chose to keep her last name private, particularly loved the Puerto Rico exhibit.

“What initially drew me was just the way the roses sort of opened up. I’ve just never seen a rose displayed in that way, and I just thought it was very dynamic how they have all the different leaves coming out,” she said. “It just screamed fun to me, and I think that really embodies Puerto Rico and I think they did a really good job on this one. This is my favorite one; I was like, which one of these describes me? This is the one that resonates with me the most. The colors… gorgeous.”

The displays represented many different aspects of culture: artists used flowers to evoke the ideas of fashion, diversity, trade, craftsmanship, luxury, animals, flags, ceramics, festivals, nature and even the swan boats of Boston.

These displays have been brought to cities all over the world, including Montreal, New York City and San Francisco. The exhibit’s website includes information on featured florists as well as upcoming locations and shows.

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Ellie Gregory, Staff Writer | she/her
Ellie is a freshman from Bedford, New Hampshire majoring in criminal justice. When she isn’t doing homework or writing an article, you can find her exploring Boston, reading, writing poetry or listening to Taylor Swift.

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    Andrew GNov 13, 2023 at 7:35 pm

    Flowers are amazing! Great summary!