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No rainy days at Rainbows Pottery Studio

Juliana Pinto
The wall full of pottery, ready for patrons to showcase their creativity in Rainbows Pottery Studio.

Rainbows Pottery Studio, located at 216 Newbury Street, is a place where people of all ages can unleash their inner artist. From mugs to jewelry holders, and any holiday character you can think of, Rainbows has festive and fun pieces for you to bring to life with your own creative flair.

Allie Carroll, the owner of Rainbows, says her inspiration for the business came from her own experience venturing into a pottery studio while on a date in college. Her love for the studio was instant and fit perfectly with her lifelong passion for art and painting. 

“I definitely love the fact there’s no right answer in art,” said Carroll.  “If you’re a mathematician two plus two equals four… if you’re an architect you have to build a building properly but what’s nice about art is that there are no right answers.”

Carroll said while starting her own business has been rewarding, the journey has been nothing short of a rollercoaster. Using skills that both of her parents taught her growing up as entrepreneurs themselves, as well as her own experience, she’s learned that passion and dedication have been essential to the process.

“There’s some parts that are exhilarating and fun and exciting and ‘woah how did we get there,’ and then there’s some parts that are ‘woah I don’t know how I’m gonna handle this,’” Carroll said. “But as a business owner if you always commit to the energy in that process it always grows.”

Customers can venture into Rainbows on any occasion, whether they want to create a personalized piece for a loved one or if they are looking for an afternoon to unwind and get in touch with their inner artist. The studio holds open arms for all of those looking for a way to have fun and experience the creative side of life with one another. 

Carroll said some of her favorite aspects of growing the studio have been being able to self-reflect on the decisions she’s made throughout the course of her business as well as meeting various people throughout the Boston community and getting to instill her passion within all those that take home a piece from Rainbows. 

“I find very good value in meeting new people and asking ‘why are you here?’” Carroll said. “Are you here just to enjoy one another, are you here to create a gift, are you here to celebrate a birthday? It’s really fun to go on those adventures.” 

Rainbows has also provided a comforting, personalized painting experience for those like Taylor Swift, Chris Evans, Zendaya, Tom Holland and many more. Carroll says that she is delighted to have had them step into her studio, and remains grateful for their belief in her business. 

If you’re looking to put your artistic skills to the test, look no further than Rainbows where only the best is yet to come. From themed painting nights to great prices on the cutest pieces, one can only anticipate the innovative and original experiences that are right around the corner.

“So the big things would be fun flat rates coming up, future events like Mamma Mia Mondays, Taylor Swift Tuesdays, Morgan Wallen Wednesdays, Thursday and Saturday nights is karaoke night and DJing,” said Carroll. “And Fridays we leave open for birthdays, and any other events.”

Carroll also said a large motivator for her business has always been giving back to the community. Placing hard work and her passion for humanity at the forefront, she has always strived to help the creative dreams of others come true. 

Currently she is working with local artists making handmade products including lip glosses, polymer clay earrings and crocheted pieces, all of which are sold in the studio and 100% of the sales go back to them. 

As Rainbows encourages all those that enter to unleash their inner artist, Carroll hopes that she and her business can continue to provide a stepping stone for all people who have a creative dream waiting to be illuminated.

“I want to help all people who have a dream in their minds succeed, so Rainbows is that venue where you can come to me with your idea and I will 100% support it.” 

For more Rainbows content, follow their Instagram @rainbowspottery, to hear about all things coming soon.

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