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‘You’ season 4 part 2 rises from the dead

Victoria Pedretti as Love Quinn, Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in episode 9 of You.

After watching part one, I found myself disappointed by the pace of the episodes and confused by the new style of the plot. Part two, however, turned things around and completely changed my feelings about the season overall.

The twists and turns that make “You” so captivating return in part two, leaving viewers shocked and on the edge of their seats. Part two includes a wild plot twist that completely alters the course of the show and unravels everything you thought occurred in part one.

When part two kicks off, viewers will realize they have been tricked throughout part one. Joe Goldberg has been up to his usual stalking and murdering tendencies, maybe even more so than in previous seasons, all while the audience was focused on another killer.

Throughout the “You” series, Goldberg notoriously suffers from hallucinations, haunted especially by the lovers he kills. In part two, the audience gets a glimpse into how severe these hallucinations are and how much they affect his life. 

Part two takes a deep dive into Goldberg’s mind — deeper than his usual monologues. We get to see the serial killer side of him and how that part feels and conflicts with his more normal, human side. It characterizes his psychosis and the seriousness of it for the first time, showing the audience how he’s truly out of his mind. 

Goldberg’s hallucinations are so serious in these episodes that he’s seemingly unaware of the murders he’s committing. His “normal” side isn’t present as he kidnaps and murders people, but returns afterward, leaving him shocked and upset with himself.

These episodes demonstrate Goldberg’s rapidly unraveling mental health. He’s forced to reflect on everything he’s done in the past and is confronted with the cold truth about himself during a hallucinatory visit from his past lovers, Beck and Love. Goldberg becomes so fed up with the dark voice inside his head, he starts going to extremes in an attempt to silence it.

To add to the unraveling of Golberg’s life in part two, we also see someone close to him begin to figure out his true colors. Nadia, a student in Goldberg’s class, befriended him in part one, giving him book recommendations and valuing his opinion about her work. In part two, however, she becomes suspicious of him, and she begins to do some digging on her mysterious teacher to find out his secrets.

By the end of part two, it seems as though Goldberg may be feeling some remorse for his actions. His new lover, Kate, also appears to accept him for who he is, despite his dark past. She admittedly has a dark past of her own.

Kate is one of Goldberg’s more boring love interests. Their chemistry is nothing compared to the connection Goldberg had with Love. Love’s wild character has set the bar high, and Kate doesn’t quite meet it.

The last scenes of the final episode leave viewers wondering what Goldberg and Kate might do in the future, considering their past actions. I’m not sure either of them have the best intentions. The door is left open for a fifth season, which Netflix confirmed will be the final season.

Overall, part two is significantly more entertaining than part one. Part two has the action, twists and thrills that part one was missing. While I found part one to be disappointing, it’s worth pushing through those episodes to get to the good stuff in part two.

Season four doesn’t hit the same marks of greatness that the previous three seasons did, but it’s still worth your watch.

“You” season four is now streaming on Netflix.


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‘You’ season 4 part 2 rises from the dead