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A new exhibit appears in Boston, only consisting of LEGOs

William Fithian

A new exhibit fully composed of the plastic building bricks known as LEGOs opened on Newbury Street. “The Art of the Brick,” showcases Nathan Sawaya’s unique artwork.

In Oct. 2014, Sawaya opened an exhibit in Faneuil Hall, which had a huge turnout. After closing the exhibit in Jan. 2015, it was only a matter of time before he returned to the Boston area.

Sawaya has recreated classical pieces such as “Starry Night,” “The Mona Lisa,” “American Gothic” and many more.

“He took things that are 2D and made them have a 3D aspect to it. Which I feel kind of brings it to life even more so than a painting, at least in a different way,” said Cassandra Cutting, a staff member at the museum.

Other famous works done by Sawaya can be seen at the exhibit, such as a life-size dinosaur composed of about 80,000 LEGOs and a vibrant dress crafted from about 63,000 red bricks. 

His work goes beyond capturing classic art. On the second floor of the exhibit, visitors can find LEGO artwork that portrays Sawaya’s different emotions throughout his life. Most of the pieces are about the feeling of love and feeling stuck. One piece, “My Boy,” is based on a story Sawaya’s parents shared with him. He said his main emotions in this piece are loss and love. 

Before becoming the unique artist he is known as today, Sawaya was a corporate lawyer in New York City and a graduate of New York University. After realizing he wanted to have a career in art, he began his passion for LEGO artwork in 2002. 

Sawaya’s work has also been recognized by celebrity Lady Gaga. Used in her music video “G.U.Y.,” Sawaya’s piece, “Yellow,” is a sculpture of a man tearing apart his chest. It can be seen when patrons walk into the entrance of the museum. 

Sawaya has toured with his pieces in Paris, London, Singapore and New York. Sawaya’s ability to travel allows him to show people all around the world the true beauty of his work. Sawaya’s first exhibition, “The Art of the Brick,” began in 2007 and since then he has gone from city to city. 

Sawaya’s work is inspiring and will make visitors stare in awe. His determination and use of vivid color are noticeable in every piece, especially the larger-scale works.

Cutting also expressed her favorite part was the “In-Pieces” collection. Sawaya worked with photographers to capture his artwork in physical pictures. For example, his LEGO dress was worn by a model and is displayed on view in the exhibit. 

“I find it interesting because it is two different mediums he kind of put together … it’s a really cool new perspective of these things that are just considered toys,” Cutting said. 

Due to his recognition, Sawaya was able to found an organization in 2014, The Art Revolution Foundation, which focuses on bringing more art to schools and homes. His passion for art goes beyond his love for LEGOs. He strives to make a difference in the contemporary art community. 

“The Art of the Brick” is on view at 343 Newbury St. until April 23.

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A new exhibit appears in Boston, only consisting of LEGOs