Soccer Mommy plays a cathartic set at Boston’s House of Blues


Grace Dreher

Soccer Mommy smiles as she performs the second song of her set, “With U.”

Soccer Mommy, the stage name of Sophia Allison, made a stop at the House of Blues Nov. 6 as a part of her “Touring, Forever” tour, performing many of her recently released songs on her latest album “Sometimes, Forever.” 

Allison kicked off her tour on Oct. 28 in Indianapolis and will be on the road in the U.S. until Dec. 17. 

The show’s opener, Lightning Bug, played a soft, bedroom-pop-esque opening set. The set flawlessly complimented Soccer Mommy’s music and was successful in garnering interest from the crowd and getting them ready to see the main act

Lightning Bug’s music was moody and made those listening appreciate the artistic nature of music. The group’s set truly encompassed the energy of a warm summer night, thus, the name Lightning Bug fits the group’s energy perfectly. 

The audience listened closely to Lightning Bug’s music, embracing the moment and savoring the beautiful sounds they were hearing from the stage. 

Soccer Mommy opened with “Bones,” the first song on her newest album. The song was ideal to open with, as the upbeat musicality of the song allowed the crowd to release pent-up energy, but the melancholic lyrics set the tone for the show. 

Overall, Soccer Mommy’s set was a beautifully crafted mix of songs. Some, such as “With U,” had the audience swaying while intently listening to the Soccer Mommy’s brilliant lyrics, while others, such as “Shotgun,” had the crowd buzzing with energy. 

Soccer Mommy was sure to slow it down eventually, playing “Still Clean” and “Still,” which gave audience members the perfect opportunity to appreciate the introspective, contemplative lyricism of the set. 

Her performance of “Still” was certainly a standout of the show. The song is arguably one of her most personal tracks.

It details the feeling of the world stopping, everything being still as one contemplates their existence. If she had stopped singing as she played this track, the audience would have been able to hear a pin drop. The performance was beautifully emotional, cathartic and intricate. 

Soccer Mommy came out to play an encore, featuring “Don’t Ask Me” and “Your Dog.” The two meaningful and emotional songs were perfect to close with. 

“Your Dog,” the artist’s second most-listened-to song on Spotify, was featured on her album “Clean.” The performance was angry, yet relieving, as the artist wrapped up her set with weighty lyrics about leaving an emotionally abusive relationship. 

Soccer Mommy had a calm, grounded stage presence, which immaculately fit her set. She was sure to appreciate her fans and acknowledge her band. Her humility was clear to the crowd as she played her personal 17-song set. 

Soccer Mommy was a refreshing artist to see live. Her passion for what she creates was indisputable, and both her and Lightning Bug created a freeing, accepting atmosphere where the audience was welcomed to feel free in their emotions.

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