Suffolk welcomes SULSA to campus

Being Latinx means being part of a special culture; a culture that radiates celebration and joy, a culture that has many unique customs and traditions, a culture with exquisite food, captivating dances and people with hearts of gold. Being Latinx means “home,” it means “family,” it means “community.” 

These values were on full display at the first meeting of the Suffolk University Latinx Student Alliance Club on Oct. 6.

SULSA came to Suffolk with the goal of providing the student Latinx community and all those who want to appreciate the Latinx culture a long-awaited space at the university. 

The excitement and pride of each person present at the meeting was tangible. Those in attendance were buzzing with energy for this new organization. 

“My expectations for this club are inclusiveness, building connections and growing the Latinx community at Suffolk,” said Brianna Diaz, a senior global business major at Suffolk.

Some members joined to forge a deeper connection to their culture, as well as expose themselves to others’ experiences. 

“I want to be connected to my culture and be a representative of it. Also, [I want to] learn more about the different cultures and create a safe space for everyone,” said Fatima Perez, a junior law major.

Mari Ortega, a junior graphic design major, said she is “anticipating a more welcoming space, a really diverse group of people and the representation that I have not seen at Suffolk yet for Latinx students. I think it is a really refreshing moment, […] finally having this group of support, it feels very exciting. I am very excited to see what we will do and to be around other Hispanic people.

David Salas, a freshman finance major and treasurer of SULSA, said he joined not only for culture, but also to gain experience in his field doing something he’s passionate about.

“I expect to just have a safe space in the club and I want to learn about new Latin American cultures. I [ran] for treasurer [to] manage money and see what we can do with that since it would give me more experience with my major, as well as feel part of the community,” said Salas. 

SULSA welcomes all students who love and are interested in Latin culture to join the club every Thursday in Samia 218 during activities period.