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New era, old threats: Neo-nazism on the rise in Germany

Berlin Wall once divided the country for decades

Murat Metshin

February 26, 2020

Germany, once known to be one of the safest countries in Europe, now painfully awaken by a series of tragic incidents threatening its citizens.    A driver intentionally rammed a car into a crowd during a carnival in Volkmarsen, Germany, on Monday. At least 30 people were injured including children, ac...

Migrants deported to El Salvador targeted by gangs, face violence

Gonzalo Echeverria

February 19, 2020

Over 100 migrants that were deported back to El Salvador over the last few years were murdered within a short time of arriving back in their home country. At the beginning of February 2020, the Human Rights Watch released a comprehensive evaluation of the current dilemma facing many migrants returning ...

Global commentary: Turks continue to pursue Kurds in Syria, Trump continues to tweet

Global commentary: Turks continue to pursue Kurds in Syria, Trump continues to tweet

Chris Sadrnoori

October 23, 2019

On October 7th, President Donald Trump began the withdrawal process of U.S. soldiers from Syria, leaving a key ally in the fight against ISIS - the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) - to fend for themselves from the ensuing Turkish invasion. This dangerous decision resulted in a rare instance in recent Am...

Global commentary: U.S. sends troops to Saudi Arabia in response to Iranian aggression

Murat Metshin

October 2, 2019

After the drone attacks on the world’s largest oil field in Saudi Arabia, the United States announced it would deploy additional troops in the Middle East. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said to NBC News that the number of troops will be modest and their primary focus will be air and missile defen...

Global Commentary: Brunei punishment of homosexuality intolerable

Chris Sadrnoori

April 10, 2019

The tiny nation of Brunei recently drew the ire of the international community when it declared the new Sharia-based penal code would go into effect on April 3. The most widespread of these new laws is the implementation of capital punishment for homosexuals. Found in the South Pacific on the Bornea...

Global commentary: Hanoi summit sparks hope for a united Korea

Chris Sadrnoori

March 6, 2019

Last week, President Donald Trump was in Hanoi, Vietnam, to speak with North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un. This was the second round of talks that aimed to denuclearize the peninsula in Southeast Asia. Although this summit ended abruptly and with little progress made, there is still hope of a bright f...

Global commentary: Trump terminates Cold War treaty, nuclear war on the horizon?

Chris Sadrnoori

February 28, 2019

In Oct. 2018, President Donald Trump announced that the United States plans to terminate the 31-year-old Intermediate-Range Nuclear Treaty (INF), a landmark deal that signaled the end of the Cold War. The agreement led to the dismantling of thousands of nuclear weapons on both sides, making the worl...

Syria withdrawal reveals consequences on the horizon

Graphic by Colin Cavanaugh

Chris Sadrnoori

February 14, 2019

In December 2018, President Donald Trump announced on Twitter that he will begin withdrawing military forces from Syria in early 2019. What started as a multi-national effort to defeat the terrorist organization, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), has evolved into a region-wide conflict, inv...

Global Commentary: Time for U.S. to take the global stage with Russia

Political cartoon by Colin Cavanaugh

Chris Sadrnoori

December 5, 2018

Over the last few years, the Russian government has committed acts of war and violence that have not occurred since the late 1930s. Though the Russian government is in our daily news, its behavior has been largely excused and even overlooked by the majority of the international community. Events like the atte...

Time running out on environmental conservation

Kyle Crozier

November 7, 2018

In the last half-century, a period known as the “Great Acceleration,” humankind has seen an explosion of population and economic growth so intense that it has threatened to completely deplete the world’s resources of food, water and energy. The high-consumption lifestyles in developed countries,...

Jamal Khashoggi’s death: A national wake-up call

Political Cartoon designed by Colin Cavanaugh

Nick Viveiros

November 7, 2018

On Oct. 2, United States based Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi walked into the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey - that was the last day that Khashoggi was seen alive. According to BBC, Turkish officials believe Khashoggi was brutally murdered in the consulate. They claim to have the audio to prove...

International perspective: Japanese student makes her way at Suffolk

Courtesy of Yui Yamamoto

Yui Yamamoto

October 31, 2018

Every morning, countless numbers of people overflow onto the train platform. They walk quickly in lines like a cluster of schooling fish. Their faces are blank. Their eyes are lifeless. I am in the middle of the line and following it with a blank mind. Here in Boston at the Park Street station, people...

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