Suffolk UNICEF raises money for Palestine at International Food Festival


Courtesy of Suffolk UNICEF

Suffolk UNICEF members enjoy International Food Festival festivities.

The Suffolk University UNICEF organization held an International Food Festival event, one of their last of the semester. The occasion was held to fundraise money for children in the Gaza Strip. 

The organization held this event in an effort to raise money for Palestine, as the country is still experiencing an ongoing war against Israeli forces. 

 Suffolk students had a night of foods from different cultures while also taking advantage of activities such as dancing, henna, raffles and prizes. Attendees also had the opportunity to wear traditional cultural clothing to the event.

Nandhini Geetha, a Suffolk graduate student studying finance, was eagerly anticipating the event after seeing it advertised on the UNICEF Instagram account. 

“I wanted to try different varieties of food and I wanted to meet people from different cultures,” said Geetha. “I know the raffle tickets are for a good cause and it’s a good thing to do during Ramadan and I really support that.”

A large spread of food consisting of items such as falafel, make your own burritos, rice and more. Balloons, cultural music and decorations created a festive environment for attendees to cherish.

“I think this is such a great idea and I heard someone say that the turnout exceeded their expectations so it’s a success,” said Geetha. “We are the future generation, it makes sense for us to hold events like this.”

Jess Guzman, vice president of Suffolk UNICEF, discusses why the organization decided to hold this event and why it’s significant to the campus community.

“We chose to raise money for Palestine because this month is tied with Ramadan and a lot of people there are fasting or do not have access to food,” said Guzman. “When you go to our Instagram link, there are a few [optional] packages where you can provide for others.” 

Packages include $10 vitamin bundles, $25 high nutrient food packages, $65 gluten-free flour for children with Celiac’s disease, etc. Suffolk UNICEF will continue to take donations until May 3 in order to help children in Gaza. 

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