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Peach Pit plays an intimate and personable set at Big Night Live

Mia Eastwood
Canada-based indie band, Peach Pit, performed at Big Night Live on Friday, April 1.

Although Canadian band Peach Pit was already halfway through their North American tour, they played their set at Big Night Live on April 1 with continuous enthusiasm and gratitude. 

Peach Pit did not express any feelings of being burnt out or restless, which could be expected after weeks on the road. Their pure enjoyment of live music radiated to create a gentle environment where their audience felt free to dance and sing along without worry of any judgment. 

Opening act Haley Blais started the night slowly with her mellow voice and simplistic range. She showcased an immense amount of raw and passionate talent that was appreciated by her audience, especially during songs such as “Coolest f——– b*tch in town” and “Small Foreign Faction.” However, it was not the correct puzzle piece to match with Peach Pit’s more upbeat energy. 

The audience entered Big Night Live with wide eyes and an intense adoration for the sweet dance music that Peach Pit provides. These feelings were hard to sustain as Blais’ tunes do not allow for much movement, despite how lovely they are. By the time Peach Pit entered the stage, the energy was calm and shy and it took a moment for the crowd to warm back up.

Even though the show was sold-out and the venue was completely full, Peach Pit treated their set like they were playing for their best friends. The sense of personableness that was portrayed created such a comfortable and engaging setting. 

They told the audience about their April Fools’ Day pranks and singer/guitarist Neil Smith even opened up about it being his third year anniversary of being sober. These types of conversations allowed for both laughter and vulnerability, which made the audience feel as if they could express any emotions that they needed to. 

Peach Pit came together as an indie-pop band in Vancouver in 2014. They released their first EP, “Sweet FA,” in 2016. The group of four quit their jobs in 2017 and went on tours in North America, Asia and Europe through 2018. They have been continually performing ever since, including at music festivals like Bonnaroo and opening on tour for Two Door Cinema Club. They released their most recent album, “From 2 to 3,” in March 2022 and began their tour almost immediately after.

Peach Pit collectively played a balance of new and old songs during their intensely long set, which gave their audience the opportunity to both sing along to their old favorites while also getting to experience something new and fall in love with a different selection of songs. 

The band was very content seeing the audience’s excitement for songs like “Private Presley” from their first album and “Vickie” from their most recent release. It seemed to make them feel an immense amount of appreciation for all of their work, new and old.

The band also makes an excellent effort to showcase both vocals and instrumentals by featuring many guitar, bass and drum solos, which makes the band feel a sense of equality and appreciation for one another. The member’s close friendships are clear as no one tends to outshine the other. It continually feels as if the band would not be complete without one another. 

Peach Pit describes themselves as “chewed bubblegum pop,” which could not resonate more with their ambiance as they are the perfect amount of weird, gentle and enthusiastic. 

Every audience member left the show feeling completely renewed as their performance allowed everyone to feel their emotions authentically and intensely. This comfortable and peaceful environment created a safe place for their fan base, which gave everyone the opportunity to walk away with a feeling of sentiment.

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Peach Pit plays an intimate and personable set at Big Night Live