Warm temperatures stick around for the weekly forcast

The last week before Spring Break will be on the warmer side of this turbulent March weather.

Wednesday is looking particularly cold, with some evening snow reminding us that spring isn’t quite here yet. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is predicting one to two inches of snow accumulation.

The Wednesday snow is going to have a tough time accumulating, and any chance of accumulation will happen in the afternoon when the snow falls the hardest, according to WBZ-TV.

New England weather loves to play tricks on us. Right after the snow, both Thursday and Friday will be mostly sunny with high temperatures around 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Before heading away for Spring Break, Thursday and Friday will be perfect opportunities to appreciate mild spring temperatures in Boston. By the weekend, any snow that might have accumulated will melt.

Rain will move in late Friday night and is expected to fall until around Saturday afternoon. Winds will also pick up Saturday, gusting up to 30 mph, and temperatures will remain in the 50s for most of the day.

Be careful of adverse driving conditions on Saturday if you are heading out of the city. The rain combined with strong wind gusts will make driving dangerous. Keep an eye on the local forecast as we get closer to the weekend.

Sunday cools the temperature back down for a sunny end of the weekend in the 30s. 

Further off in the forecast, the beginning of the next week looks like it’s going to start off warm with highs in the 50s.

NBC 10 predicts most of next week remaining warm in their 10-day forecast.

If you are worried about missing the warm weather over Spring Break, here’s some good news: NOAA’s six to 10-day temperature outlook shows most temperatures across the U.S. will be at or above average seasonal temperatures.

Weather information is retrieved from the national weather service. For a more detailed forecast, visit weather.gov.

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