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Gabrielle Abdelnour: Bridging the gap between students and their money

Courtesy of Gabrielle Abdelnour

Gabrielle Abdelnour, a freshman political science major, is running for treasurer in this year’s Student Government Association executive board election.

Abdelnour began her time in SGA as a senator last fall, and since then has been a part of different initiatives in the club. Whether it be through her work within committees like Student Affairs, Housing and Facilities or the Finance Committee, Abdelnour said that she advocates for more transparency and clarity between the students and SGA.

“I see that there is a big demand for more student involvement and communication between SGA and students, so I really hope that if I am elected then I can bridge that gap,” said Abdelnour.

Since one responsibility of SGA’s treasurer is to act as the Finance Committee’s chairperson, Abdelnour said she will foster more communication between various parts of the Suffolk University community through the resources provided by the Finance Committee.

Her experience working in the Finance Committee has also been one of the motivating factors behind her campaign.

“This year, we lacked a lot of student involvement [in the Financial Committee],” said Abdelnour.  “We haven’t really reached out to students to see what they want to be done with their money, as we have mostly just focused on club funding. That is something I definitely want to do.”

As treasurer, Abdelnour will use her experience within the Finance Committee to help listen to “students who have not felt seen, heard, or supported on campus,” she said.

“I feel like there is so much opportunity,” said Abdelnour. “I want diversity committees and clubs who don’t feel heard and supported to come, and I want to give that money to them to be able to emphasize their meaning and their mission. It’s all about making sure they feel supported.”

Whether it be by bringing in guest speakers, sending emails, or conducting surveys, Abdelnour said she also hopes to “connect with all of the treasurers of other clubs to have meetings and informational sessions with other students.”

According to Abdelnour, she would also use these methods and resources to advocate for other initiatives, including more access to feminine products and birth control on campus.

“I have seen many schools taking a more head-on role in feminine care products and birth control,” says Abdelnour. “I feel like at Suffolk there are a lot of people who can benefit from cheap and accessible birth control and feminine products.”

When asked about Suffolk’s coronavirus response, Abdelnour says that she will focus on being an advocate for more student opinions.

“Students feel very left out in decisions being made, and I feel like they should have an opinion on it,” said Abdelnour. “It is definitely something that I would change.”

Abdelnour believes that these changes are possible through SGA, and “it all begins with students telling us [SGA] what they want, and us [SGA] relaying that message back to the administration.”

“I think having a solid E-Board that you can trust is very important, as well as having an E-Board you can rely on to make decisions in your best interest and who will listen,” said Abdelnour.

Abdelnour said she will use her time as treasurer to create change using lessons and experiences from her time at SGA thus far.

“I really do learn from experience the best and I feel like I have it under my belt already,” said Abdelnour. “I’ve learned and seen other people do it, and I feel like I’m in a better position to do that more confidently and effectively.”

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Gabrielle Abdelnour: Bridging the gap between students and their money