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OPINION: Vaccination is not a choice — even for celebrities

OPINION: Vaccination is not a choice — even for celebrities
Courtesy of DU Clarion

You choose: a shot in the arm or a tube in the throat.

COVID-19 vaccination boosters were recently approved by the FDA for those 65 and older, or those with underlying health conditions, as the “new normal” continues to look permanent. Without an increase in vaccination, the country will be stuck in a vicious cycle of new COVID-19 variants taking the lives of thousands – or millions – of loved ones. 

What’s the big deal? Taking the rights away from assigned female at birth (AFAB) individuals was easy for Texas lawmakers, yet improving public safety from an airborne virus is infringing on the rights of individuals within a “free” country. 

For most individuals, this country is free. However, letting athletes like Kyrie Irving as well as politicians like Marjorie Taylor Green and other public officials who spread misinformation or cast noncredible doubt on the vaccine allow for a deadly virus to take the lives, or the ultimate freedom, of people within this country. 

Vaccinated individuals are begging those that are unvaccinated to reconsider, because they are the problem. Those who choose to do their part are forced back into COVID-19 restrictions until everyone is vaccinated. Opting out of vaccination does not make someone a hero; it puts the lives of others at risk due to the pure selfishness of a political or misinformed stance. 

Colin Kaepernick kneeled during the national anthem to protest racial inequality and support the Black Lives Matter campaign. His stance, or lack thereof, was to make societal change rather than a publicity stunt for more popularity and support from a community that wants to risk the lives of others because of their ignorance — like Kyrie Irving

According to the CDC, vaccination rates were on the rise until June when the general public was able to get their shots. COVID-19 is not the first disease eradicated by vaccination. Polio, Measles, Chickenpox and 11 other diseases that swept through the nation similarly to COVID-19 are now a thought of the past due to vaccines.

The decline in vaccination is centered around recent pushback from different parties believing that they deserve complete control of their bodies. Additional arguments centered around FDA emergency approval, the right to choose and the lack of trust regarding election fraud in 2020 continue to make misinformation spread around the importance of vaccination.

Walking past vaccination protests, some of the signs read similar slogans such as “forced vaccination is worse than rape”. This comparison is apples to oranges. The vaccine protects those that do not have the capability of getting the vaccine, and older or immuno-compromised people more susceptible to the virus. 

By making public safety political, we are allowing individuals to distrust information that is scientifically proven. We open the door to false information in vulnerable communities. 

Choosing vaccination ensures that those without the privilege of getting vaccinated are safe.

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Daniel Webber, News Editor | they/them
Daniel is a junior pre-law major with a journalism minor at Suffolk University. When they aren’t writing, you can find them walking on the beach, thrifting or watching the dogs play in Boston Common. In the future, they hope to be a paralegal and author. Follow Dani on Twitter @MolWebber Email them at [email protected]

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OPINION: Vaccination is not a choice — even for celebrities